As you know, we have been adding Guild Wars 2 articles to the site after Peter’s play time at the weekend, but there’s a lot more to read.
    On our dedicated Guild Wars 2 site, GWOnline.Net, the community team also spent the weekend getting stuck into the Beta and there’s a whole host of articles to read about the game. If you are a Guild Wars fan then these are must-reads.
    There are also a load of new videos to check covering numerous aspects of the game, and there’s still more to come!

    How to gether, how to craft 
    Running and Waypoints in GW2 
    Musings of an Armchair Mesmer – Changes between beta tests 
    Guild Wars 2 Passes the Cheetos Test , but barely 
    The Mesmer experience 
    Swapping Attunements more fun for Elemenalists 
    Beta Reviews me 
    Rofltations, Spam on Recharge, and other Terrible Ideas
    Death Becomes you 
    Returning to Tyria… Again 
    Guild Wars 2 Beta Crafting a Coat and a focus [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, Elementalist Drowning [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, Elementalist Slot Skills [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta Elementalist Underwater [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, Elementalist Elemental [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, Elementalist Weapon Skils [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, Drowning Ranger
    Guild Wars 2 Beta – Night to Day [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, Norn Elementalist Hero Panel [Video]
    Guild Wars 2 Beta, A Run Through Old Ascalon [Video]


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