Fans found some interesting spoiler pics in H1Z1’s official site. While some sites wanted to direct focus on a particularly big panorama screenshot, we think the real story is the 2nd pic, and we think it’s obvious why.

First off, let’s get this out of the way. This very big panorama screenshot was found by fans who saw the blinking lights in H1Z1’s official website, and managed to interpret and record it as Morse code. The coded message was the url for the image you can see below.


And now, the real story, which is ‘Fred’.


‘Fred’ was found using more traditional ‘looking under the hood of the website’s code’ methods, and was apparently removed as soon as it was found. There’s no hiding it anymore, though. Even if they add in a storyline conceit a al Resident Evil or The Last Of Us, H1Z1 is definitely looking like a zombie shooter. You may be tired of seeing these, but let’s hope that this is at least a good one.

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