Keep a close eye on your loot, because there are multiple reports of hacked Diablo 3 accounts coming in just five days after the game was released. At present there’s no clear link between the people who’ve logged in to find all of their gold and items missing (or discovered that their password mysteriously no longer works), so it’s possible that these are all instances where details have inadvertantly been disclosed to the ‘hacker’.
In light of that, watch out for any dodgy emails perporting to be from Blizzard asking you to confirm your Diablo 3 password (they don’t do that) or for anybody asking to borrow your account.
The incentive for unscrupulous types to hack your account will be particularly high thanks to the inclusion of a real-money ‘Auction House’ in the game. So make sure your account is as secure as possible.
More details about the compromised accounts, as well as all the latest Diablo 3 news, can be found at Diablo IncGamers.

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