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Dionysus’ boons

Dionysus is the god of wine and, in Hades, you’ll get enemies so drunk that they’ll suffer from Hangover. Think of this as something akin to poison due to the DOT effect. His boons are symbolized by a purple chalice:

Hds Olym Sk Dionysus 1

Here are some examples of Dionysus’ boons:

  • Drunken Strike, Drunken Flourish, and Drunken Dash (tier 1) – Your attack, special, and dash abilities (respectively) inflict Hangover.
  • Trippy Shot (tier 1) – Your cast now lobs a purple orb that generates Festive Fog on the ground. This fog will periodically stun enemies in its radius.
  • Numbing Sensation (tier 2) – Hangover also slows down affected mobs.
  • Peer Pressure (tier 2) – Hangover also spreads to other hostiles.
  • Premium Vintage (tier 1) – Gain health whenever you pick up nectar; gain one free nectar immediately. If you combine this with the “Vintage Nectar” House Contractor upgrade, you’ll get a free level-up for a random skill akin to a Pom of Power.
  • High Tolerance (tier 2) – Damage taken is reduced when you’re standing in Festive Fog.
  • Black Out (tier 3/Legendary) – Hangover-afflicted enemies take +100% bonus damage when standing in Festive Fog.

Hds Olym Sk Dionysus 2

Dionysus is another god in Hades that I like encountering, and it’s not just because he likes to party. Hangover is an easy debuff to inflict, though sustaining it can be a problem depending on your weapon or playstyle. Still, he has decent synergy when it comes to Duo boon combinations with other Olympians. Case in point, Poseidon.

Hds Olym Sk Dionysus 3

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