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Halls Of Torment Exterminator Making A Mess Out Of Everyone
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Halls of Torment features a selection of different characters who throw themselves repeatedly at a handful of challenging dungeon areas. The more experience they get, the more weapons and abilities they can acquire, until finally you are able to build them into powerful specialists in their chosen discipline. Here is our guide outlining the best builds in Halls of Torment.

Guide to the best builds in Halls of Torment

When you initially unlock a new character, they can use whatever gear you have found success with already. Eventually, you can complete ‘quests’ using that character. Completed quests sometimes unlock gear that appears in subsequent runs. Send new gear to the wellkeeper and buy it from him in the level hub to get permanent access.

Once you unlock gear, equip it by visiting the Item Stash treasure box. The game lets you save up to four builds (called ‘loadouts’ in the game) so you can conveniently switch between a few of your favorite builds. Eventually, your character can equip six types of gear: helmet, amulet, two rings, armor, boots, and greaves. Ideally, this equipment works in concert to turn a good warrior into a great one. Below, I’m outlining three builds I found especially useful. You can eventually find equipment sets for each character by completing their quests, and the sets you assemble will be fine. The ones I’m listing below combine equipment from multiple sets for less conventional but exciting approaches.

Halls Of Torment Builds Exterminator

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Best build to punch above your usual weight

I’m listing this build first because I used it (with occasional tweaks) with most characters throughout much of the game. The Exterminator takes it to another level, however. I used the build to unlock most of the other characters, and to beat the Lord of Despair. I did so without fully upgrading most blessings. It’s a ludicrously effective build until the end game, and generally useful even then.

  • Helmet – Ruby Circlet: Deals 4% additional damage for each burning enemy. Limited to 60%.
  • Amulet – Collar of Confidence: +5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range. The maximum is 50%
  • Ring 1 – Wooden Ring: +10% base crit chance
  • Ring 2 – Ring of Fire: Transforms the damage type of your main weapon into fire. +15% Burn Chance
  • Armor – Plate Armor: +6 block strength
  • Boots – Firewalker Boots: While you move you produce a trail of fire that damages your enemies. Firepatches have a low chance to burn enemies.
  • Greaves – Sparking Tips: When you hit a burning enemy with physical attacks, that enemy will spark fire damage projectiles dealing damage based on the burn strength with a chance to set the targets on fire.

With the above build, you have a character with a flamethrower. That’s already a great start, since it may inflict the Burn status ailment. The boots leave flaming trails to make such an outcome even more likely, and one ring increases the chance of all of that good stuff happening. Meanwhile, the armor provides a solid boost defensively, and the other ring increases the likelihood of critical attacks. Equip this build and start your run by improving your pickup radius at the earliest opportunity. Activate the Dragon’s Breath ability and enhance it regularly, along with your critical attacks. You’ll do very well. Finally, improve the Fire Damage blessing to further increase the effect.

Halls Of Torment Builds Sorceress

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Best build for lovers of electricity

The first build uses fire. This second build uses the game’s other dominant element: electricity. It’s especially useful for the Sorceress, who attacks with electricity.

  • Helmet – Wind Crown: 1% attack speed for 5s for each killed enemy (up to 50% attack speed).
  • Amulet – Collar of Confidence: +5% damage for each enemy in your pickup range. The maximum is 50%
  • Ring 1 – Echoing Band: Damaging an enemy with physical attacks has a 20% chance to deal 40% of the damage as splash damage.
  • Ring 2 – Ring of Thunder: Transforms the damage type of your main weapon into electricity. +15% Electrify Chance
  • Armor – Hunter’s Garb: If you stand still your damage is increased by 8% per second (up to 40%). The bonus is reset as soon as you move.
  • Boots – Electrostatic Treads: Charges up when you move. When fully charged emits an electric shock wave that damages and stuns enemies.
  • Greaves – Hunting Gloves: +30% Additional Strike / Projectile

With this loadout, you can deal a lot of damage as the Sorceress in particular. She attacks more frequently than normal, and she can even stand still for stretches of time to increase her output as mobs of enemies circle. The wind crown lets her (or other slow characters) attack with increasing speed, which is frequently useful. If you can, make sure to snag the Kugelblitz ability to really electrify your world.

Halls Of Torment Builds Shield Maiden

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Best build to enable a critical approach

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself going up against heavily armored enemies. It can be difficult to make a dent in their defenses. This build tends to that issue.

  • Helmet – Ruby Circlet: Deals 4% additional damage for each burning enemy. Limited to 60%.
  • Amulet – Jade Amulet: +50% XP Gain
  • Ring 1 – Copper Ring: Increases the critical damage by 40%.
  • Ring 2 – Wooden Ring: +10% base crit chance
  • Armor – Hunter’s Garb: If you stand still your damage is increased by 8% per second (up to 40%). The bonus is reset as soon as you move.
  • Boots – Elven Slippers: Increases block strength while moving. Builds up by moved distance. Block strength is limited to 10, movement speed buffs increase the cap. Standing still removes the bonus.
  • Greaves – Thornfists: Deals a critical hit to each enemy that hurts you.

I use this build mostly with the Shield Maiden, who starts out with strong defenses. By wearing the above equipment, she frequently deals critical damage. Wear it and focus on traits that improve her defense, critical damage output, and health restoration. You’ll find she can tear through pretty much anything. It’s the best approach I found while figuring out how to beat the Lord of Regret.

Make sure to experiment with all characters. Come back to them periodically to try additional quests and to gain other gear. You may find other combinations that better suit your style of play. Besides that, exploration and experimentation are fun.

Halls of Torment is available to purchase on Steam.

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