Halo Infinite to come to PC with microtransactions

Halo Infinite to come to PC with microtransactions

There hasn’t been much clarity surrounding the release of Halo Infinite on PC. The big reveal for the game came at E3 2018 during Microsoft’s press conference. With the blending of the Xbox and PC platforms via Microsoft Store, this, among other things, has pointed to the next installment in the Halo franchise making the leap to PC. This is surprising mostly due to the fact that we will probably never see Halo 5: Guardians anywhere outside of the Xbox One console ecosystem. Recent reports indicate that Halo Infinite, though, will come to PC with anti-cheat features and microtransactions.

You had one job

So, where exactly did this information stem from? A job posting on a Microsoft job board is looking to fill an Online Experience Design Director. The listing goes on to detail that the position will be filled at 343 Industries, Halo‘s current development team.

The job listing has some pretty big demands, including having shipped previous AAA titles and having at least “8+ years” in a “design capacity.” And of course, the dreaded words that the candidate should also have previously worked with a “focus on Social and Microtransaction systems as a Lead Designer or higher.”

Play and pay

The gaming community hasn’t exactly embraced microtransactions with open arms. But, it does seem that the focus for Halo Infinite is to have players return to the game. The description goes on to detail that the person to fill this role should have “A comprehensive understanding of player psychology and what drives them to return to an experience.” It is heavily unclear as to what these transactions are, even if it might turn out that these are simply cosmetic items with essentially no perk or value to them in-game.

Are you excited for the release of Halo Infinite? Was it a game you were looking forward to post-E3? Let us know in the comments below.


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    • Evan Lazer

      micro transactions and loot boxes a boon to the developers who use them to rip off customers of content they should get when they pay the 60 dollars for the game in the first place it’s bullshit really it’s more like this hi we are going to sell you a game but hold a good portion of the content hostage unless you pay us more money why because we are greedy as fk and we need you whales to pay us mwhahahahaha

    • Freeman4096

      any player that runs around in multiplayer with purchased cosmetic item looks like utter tool to me.