A9071 Lightning Strike Gaming Mouse Bundle by Bloody by A4Tech

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Infrared Micro Switch 
Sweat Resistance
High Refresh Rate
RGD LED System
Metal X’Glide Armor Boot
Sensor: AVAGO A3050 Optical Engine
Resolution: 100~4,00 CPI, adjustable
Image Processing: 2.41 M pixel / sec
Frame Speed: 6.666 fps
Acceleration: 20 g
Tracking Speed: 60 ips
Price: $79.99

What a pen and pencil are to an artist is what a PC gaming mouse is to a gamer. Like artists, most have their preference as to what their hands wield as their given tool – and swear by it. Logitech for life, or Razer all the way, nothing less nothing more. These are the opinions and passions that shape someone’s dedication to a brand.

I had the opportunity to review the A9071 by Bloody from A4Tech, which in turn allowed me to finally break away from the closed mind Razer praise. This Razer-bias isn’t  something you realize until you branch out. You realize just how comfortable you’ve become with what you’ve got, not really knowing what alternatives are available.

The A9071 may not have the 12-key number pad on the side that I became so dependent on, however, it more than makes up for the missing feature in other areas.

Bloody’s mouse iteration brings with it crisp tracking and sweat-resistant material in its design. More importantly, it has specific features, like the 4 Core System and r the 6 Sniper Modes for software. The A9071 is a refreshing reminder that a good mouse can really impact the way you play a game if you are willing to learn how to fine tune it and calibrate it to your likings.


The packaging of the product is very straightforward with the contents openly displayed on the front of the box. I received the Gaming Mouse bundle which included the A9071 with its unique molten design displayed for all to see. The other item included is the Onslaught Gaming Mousepad which I will cover in this review.

Slick and easy packaging the lets you know what you are getting, with all the features and modes discussed on the back.

Look & Feel

The unique design decisions and form of the mouse is where this product shines. Displayed boldly on the ball of the mouse is a unique “molten” design that is nicely illuminated by the mouse’s RGB LED System with the symbol at the center of the fracture. It’s a small touch that gives the mouse a little wow factor over many of the standard mouse’s on the market today.

Onto the feel, and this was my favorite part.

The mouse features a smooth matte surface with side vented grips, in addition to, textured rubber gripping on the left and right click. It’s a simple touch that you would not think you needed using other mice but really makes a definitive difference for those long game sessions.

My hand was never uncomfortable and the sweat-resistant surface allowed for my tense gaming situations in gaming to keep my mouse in hand. The side buttons are comfortable and out of the way from my resting grip and allows for easy access. The base of the mouse is reinforced with a Metal X’ Glide Armor Boot. I found my mouse sticking much less to my pad and simply gliding across my desk. Features present are nice little details that make the overall usage of it much more comfortable.

Lastly I want to touch on the Onslaught  Gaming Mousepad. I would have to say if you can get the mouse without the bundled mousepad you may want to save the extra change and just stick with the mousepad you are using. This one did not wow me quite like I was expecting. I am using a small World of Warcraft Collectors edition mousepad that should, in all honestly, be worn out and done by now. So, when I heard this mouse came bundled with one – I got excited. Unfortunately, there are a few things about this mousepad that made using the mouse, in general, an uncomfortable experience.

For starters the pad came packed rolled up, when placing it on my desk I could not manage to get the pad itself to sit flush. It might not seem like a problem, however, it led to tracking issues from the mouse and overall uncomfortableness when trying to play games. Additionally, I found the tracking of the mouse while on the pad shotty, the material used in the pad itself made my mouse movement jitter, which led to me inevitably switch to my old pad. I would not recommend using it as it’s simply too thick, not to mention distorted out of the box due to its packaging.

Putting it to the Test

There is a lot this mouse offers, however, I see the general consumer buying barely scratching the surface of its abilities. I put this mouse to the test on several games and general usage. As previously mentioned, this mouse fell into my hands after becoming well-acquainted with the 12 digit keypad like that of the Razer Naga. A bulk of the experiences I play are MMO related and having the side pad makes things much easier. Because of this I would not recommend this game for MMO usage if that’s the game of choice for you. However, in using this mouse on shooters such as Overwatch, Players Unknown, and Counter Strike, the A9071 was leaps and bounds better than anything I have tried.

The A9071 features precise accuracy in shooters, as well as several unique modes which allow you to fine tune, and narrow in on options that best suit your style of gaming. The 6 Point Sniper mode allowed my to fine tune my aiming and allowed for clean aiming in-game as well as smooth general use. In addition to this, I went into the modes a little deeper and toggled with the 4 Core System, so that I can have a better utilization of the mouse with each different game I tried out. The caveat to this being, I inevitably got lost in the settings and couldn’t utilize it to the full capacity.


Is the A9071 worth the buy? Yes, I certainly believe it’s worth the price tag if you are going to be able to utilize all that it offers. Its design is nice and comfortable; it is a great looking mouse.

I will, however, say if you are not the most tech savvy individual and you simply want a mouse to take out of the box and play, there are better options out there.

I enjoyed using it and found that my accuracy and skill improved from using the fine tune settings offered, however, I found myself at times getting lost in the modes of calibrations and capabilities that turned me off from trying to dive deeper into the tech.

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