How to make Hearty Elixir in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Tears Of The Kingdom Hearty Elixir Inventory Screen

The Hearty Elixir functions as one of the more powerful healing items you can obtain in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Not only does it heal back all of your hearts in one go, but it also gives you additional golden hearts for extra protection, usually around four or so. Certain characters will hand over Hearty Elixirs for beating quests or fulfilling other conditions, but you can also make one yourself through the cooking system. So the question is, what recipes can you use to make a Hearty Elixir without relying on quests?

Tips for making a Hearty Elixir

According to the full list of foods and elixirs you can access in-game, players can create a Hearty Elixir through one of two recipes. Fortunately, both recipes only require you to have two separate ingredients on hand. One of the recipes requires a Bokoblin Horn and a Hearty Lizard, while the other one uses a Hearty Lizard and the standard blue ChuChu Jelly. Even well into the game, you can still encounter plenty of red Bokoblins and blue ChuChus across Hyrule, so obtaining their respective ingredients shouldn’t take much effort at all.

On the other hand, finding Hearty Lizards out in the wild is a fairly rare occurrence, making it difficult to stock your inventory full of Hearty Elixirs. Thankfully, at certain stables, Beedle will sell Hearty Lizards for only 100 rupees each, making this the best method for obtaining them. One stable where Beedle usually sells Hearty Lizards is Woodland Stable, which you’ll want to go to anyway to unlock the Great Fairy there.

Crafting a Hearty Elixir in Tears of the Kingdom really is as simple as that, so feel free to make as many as you want. Using these to heal instead of basic ingredients will definitely help save you resources in the long run.

Tears Of The Kingdom Hearty Elixir Recipe List

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