Heavy Gear Assault

The Heavy Gear Assault team are going all-out to get their Kickstarter pledge numbers up. In search of $800,000 USD, the campaign is currently sat on $29,000 USD.

To that end, the team has today announced that the game will have full Linux support through OpenGL. If you want more details about how the developers are planning to do that and still work with Unreal Engine 4, have a read of this update post. They’re also putting the call out for Linux users and experts to work as testers.

Meanwhile, there’s another update post stating that Oculus Rift support in the game is now official. Given that the pilots in the Heavy Gear universe actually wear Virtual Reality headsets, the tech seems like it’d be pretty well suited to the title.

That’s not all: if you missed it on Friday, the previously multiplayer only title will get a single player mode if the stretch goal of $900,000 USD is reached.

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