Hellgate London VR is coming to PC

Hellgate London VR is coming to PC

Hellgate London was the last game for Flagship Studios and it was plagued with all kinds of problems but showed some real potential. The game did live on in Asia and Hanbitsoft is now bringing a new Hellgate game to the masses with Hellgate London VR.

According to MMOCulture, Hanbitsoft has been testing the game with a focus group and it will be coming out early 2018 for consoles and PC.

This single player game is apparently a prequel to Hellgate London and players will have to protect a younger version of  Jessica Sumerisle who was one of the Templar characters in the original game created by Flagship.

This is not the first time the game has been mentioned, it was revealed as a Playstation VR title a while ago and has been shown to the public.

It’s great to see the Hellgate franchise surviving but whether it transfers well to VR remains to be seen.

Hellgate London VR

hellgate london vr

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  • towblerone

    PSVR is sh**. All the PSVR gamers will be sitting on their couches, looking straight, with a gamepad in their laps and their headset on. That’s VR to the plebs.

    This will only be worth a damn if it drops for Rift or, even better, Vive.

    • Lee Ryan

      You do realize it says PC as well which means it will be for Rift and Vive.