Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour

Hellpoint guide: Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

The Arcology: The Eye Codes control center

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First, we need to reach the Arcology. After defeating the Celestial Beast (chimera boss), you’ll come across a breach/save point, the passport terminal (to go to Sohn District or Ikari Walkways), and another doorway.

This doorway has an elevator that’s not available (yet). However, it does give us a clue about “the Five Eyes of the Arcology.”

Hpoint Ecbhh 2b

Our next step is to go to Sohn District, defeat the Arisen Congregators, and reach the spaceport/tram area. In fact, you’ll just need to follow the steps outlined in our boss items/transmuter NPC guide.

Hpoint Ecbhh 2c

By following those steps, you’ll eventually reach the underside of the Arcology’s elevator (linking back to the passport area from earlier).

Hpoint Ecbhh 2d

Now, if you go to the third floor, it’ll take you all the way to the Eye Code control center.

Hpoint Ecbhh 2e

Black Hole Hour doorways and the puzzle

Each Eye Code you’ve found denotes a “pattern” and an eight-digit sequence for an “eye” in order to move the corresponding towers. Now, when you look at each “eye” — heck, you can think of it as Hellpoint‘s Bat-Signal — you’ll see that you can input eight digits too.

The idea is to input two Eye Codes for specific eyes and for a specific pattern. But, that’s not enough. You also need to wait for the “Black Hole Hour” to occur in the current area.

Hpoint Ecbhh 3a

Since the Irid Novo space station revolves around a black hole, time will affect your surroundings. This is denoted by Hellpoint‘s “clock” at the upper left-hand side of the HUD.

Note 1: “Hell Hour” (when some rooms turn into “mini-horde battles”) occurs when the minute and hour hands of the clock are at three and nine (3:45 or 9:15), and the small circle (denoting the time) is passing through those segments. You’ll see an example of this in the image below.

Note 2: “Black Hole Hour,” which opens those golden barriers and what we need for the Eye Codes puzzle, is whenever the small circle (denoting the time) is near the silver circle (denoting your specific zone on the Irid Novo). In the case of the Arcology, this is always “at the top of the hour” (not in real-time, but via the in-game HUD).

Note 3: This is something I’ve just recently noticed, but the small circle of the clock resets back to the 5 o’clock position anytime to load your Hellpoint save. This also happens even after you’ve saved the game and time has already elapsed.

Hpoint Ecbhh 3b11

Once the Black Hole Hour occurs, a beam will lance out of the singularity. It will then connect to the other towers that you’ve activated, triangulating on a specific zone in Hellpoint. In turn, these will let you pass through a specific room with a golden barrier.

Hpoint Ecbhh 3c

Here’s the fun part: Hellpoint‘s Black Hole Hour lasts roughly 15 to 20 minutes. This means you need to make sure the codes are in place and that you’re able to reach that particular room as soon as possible.

Note 1: At the very least, you should be already familiar with Hellpoint‘s confusing level layouts. You might also want to apply a Breach Synchronizer on nearby teleporters. Ideally, though, you should synchronize the breach next to the Arcology’s passport terminal since it’s very close to the tower’s elevator.

Note 2: If you’re waiting at the doorway’s area until the Black Hole Hour occurs, there’s a chance that the passage would remain blocked. You need to fast travel back and forth zones for the game to remove the golden barrier.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and activate Eye Two’s tower so that we can also input its codes.

Hpoint Ecbhh 3d

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