Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor

Hellpoint features five main bosses — Ozyormy Goija, Uthos the Ashen Born, Defas Nemundis, The Interface, and Sentient — with many others for you to tackle. Each main boss provides you with a fragment or material that can, eventually, be exchanged for boss weapons or armor. Here’s our guide to help you out.

Note: For more information, check out our Hellpoint guides and features hub.

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 1a

Hellpoint: Where to get boss weapons and armor

Sohn District

The first step is to reach Sohn District’s spaceport area (after killing the Arisen Congregators). This is also where you’ll meet the Architect. You can even do a sidequest to obtain his armor.

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 1b

Head to the tram. But, instead of traveling to Port Issoudun, we need to go further down the pathway.

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 1c

We’ve got a bit of platforming to do.

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 1d

Eventually, you’ll reach a doorway that takes you to a branch of the Arcology.

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 1e

The Arcology

There’s an elevator in the next room.  If you go to the third floor, it’ll take you to Hellpoint‘s roof deck where you can input eye codes, but that’s something we won’t tackle in this guide. Instead, go to the second floor.

Hpoint Bss Wep 1

Look behind you and cross the metal beam to obtain a Breach Synchronizer. You can also open up the doorway which leads to the Arcology’s passport terminal area.

Hpoint Bss Wep 3

Anyway, go back to the opposite area.

Hpoint Bss Wep 4

Follow the corridors and you’ll find several mobs (avoid them if you wish).

Hpoint Bss Wep 5

In the next room is a demon, but you can also find the Channeler of Hell staff weapon here.

Hpoint Bss Wep 6

After that is a room with a breach point, a towering staircase, and a small library.

Hpoint Bss Wep 7

The doorway/stairwell near the library takes us to the Alma Mater Atrium, but we won’t need to go there. Rather, we should head to the top of the towering staircase.

Hpoint Bss Wep 8

Hellpoint’s boss weapons and armor NPC

There’s a small room here with some loot and an important, unnamed NPC who can transmute your boss fragments.

Hpoint Bss Wep 9

Be careful because certain dialogue choices will lead you to become hostile and kill him. Always answer with, “I have no intention of murdering you.”

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 2a

You can then select which fragments to convert.

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 2b

Below, you’ll see the baseline stats for each boss weapon or armor (only my character’s stats affect them).

Ozy’s Hand (melee weapon):

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 3a

Uthos’ Gavel (melee weapon):

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 3b

Nemundis Oculus (melee weapon):

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 3c

Interface Headgear (helmet from the Interface boss in High Ateliers):

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 3d

Light Striker (melee weapon from the Sentient, Hellpoint‘s final boss):

Hellpoint Boss Weapons Armor 3e

Defeating the Interface — and the Sentient final boss if you’re gunning for Hellpoint‘s true ending — will lead to a New Game+ playthrough. That means you’ll need to head back to the boss items NPC again. In any case, if you need more help, check out the video below from YouTuber Rubhen925:

Hellpoint is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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