Hellpoint Eye Codes Towers Black Hole Hour

Hellpoint guide: Eye Codes and Black Hole Hour rooms

Eye Two and raising the tower

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Before we continue, you should be aware that one of the towers (Eye One) isn’t functioning. However, Eye Two’s tower does need to be raised before you can input codes. In order to do that, we’ve gotta find the controls for it. Here’s how to do just that.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 1

Okay, from the Arcology passport area, go to Ikora Walkways. Follow the main walkway then use the next one that you come across.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 2

Go through the dark corridor and climb the short flight of stairs to your left to reach the Artillery boss’ room.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 3

Kill the Artillery boss.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 4

There are two paths here, mind you:

  • One takes us to Alma Mater Atrium – Cabaret area (which is where we need to go for Pattern C’s doorway).
  • The other takes us to Arcology – Underside (which is where we need to go to raise Eye Two’s tower).

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 5

Arcology – Underside and Alma Mater Atrium

Once you’re at Arcology – Underside, take note of your surroundings. Our goal is to head to the other section of the first floor.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 6

The flight of stairs will lead you to the second floor. From there, you’ll notice a room with an item (Healing Proficiency).

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 7

But, there’s also a passage here that takes us to Alma Mater Atrium (an entirely different part of that zone).

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 8

This is the giant Ring Elevator area and the golden cube is the key for Eye Two’s tower.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 9

Use the Ring Elevator to head upwards and you’ll spot the control room. Activate the panel and the tower will be raised.

Note: If you enter the Ring Elevator and use it again, you’ll end up in a hallway that leads to a second Archon Knight (Banshee) boss fight. The looping corridor will eventually take you to the top floor of the Alma Mater zone where you can battle Uthos, one of Hellpoint‘s main bosses. But, that’s a story for another time.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 10

Making your way back

Assuming you’re saving up on some of Hellpoint‘s scant Breach Synchronizers, just go through the nearby Cabaret street.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 11

The closest breach point, to your right, has a doorway that leads back to the Arcology.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 12

This is the library with the stairs that lead to the boss items trader. Our goal, though, is to head to the passage going outside. Just run past the mobs, follow the winding corridors upwards, and you’ll eventually reach the elevator. Go to the third floor so that you’ll be back at the tower/eye controls area.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and open up Pattern A’s chamber.

Hpoint Ecbhh T2 13

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