SMITE video taking a pop at Epic’s Paragon closure forces apology from CEO

SMITE video taking a pop at Epic’s Paragon closure forces apology from CEO

The Paragon community is still quite annoyed by Epic’s decision to close down their MOBA and Hi-Rez couldn’t resist having some fun with it.

With Smite being the only similar type of MOBA to Paragon, Hi-Rez is itching to catch as much of the Paragon community before the game shuts down on 26 April. The reactions to the video below were mixed, some thought it was tasteless while others found it amusing. Most of the Paragon community took it in good spirit but not everyone was happy so it was immediately pulled by Hi-Rez. An apology was then issued by Hi-Rez CEO Todd Harris.

There’s no doubt the Paragon community are extremely frustrated and annoyed with Epic at the moment and perhaps the video below was a little premature for some as players figure out what to play next. It’s not easy to figure out what to move onto next because SMITE, although good, is nowhere near as enjoyable as Paragon was.

Gamers are now trying to figure out if Paragon will be kept alive by Tencent in China where there’s a closed beta currently running. Although pings to Chinese servers are high, some gamers are prepared to give it a shot to get their fix and it is apparently playable. The process to get on the beta is convoluted and you have to be prepared to do a lot of clicking around on the Chinese site to get access to the beta. Neither Tencent of Epic have commented on the whether the Chinese version of the game will stay alive which is now starting to worry the Chinese community.

Although the video was swiftly removed by Hi-Rez, it was captured. Too soon for this?

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Elly Davis

      Nothing wrong with that. Don’t know why they needed to apologise.

    • shreyastheta134

      LOL, does this writer even know that Paragon didn’t even have a huge enough fan base to sustain it’s hopes and dreams. And saying Paragon Was more successful/fun/popular is either entirely subjective, or falsehoods. Paragon’s Card system is a complete failure, suck it up.

      • Paul Younger

        It was a more enjoyable and dynamic game thanks to its visuals, verticality, speed, and movement, That’s just how it it is. There are a lot of factors why it didn’t take off to the extent of other MOBAs and that’s down to Epic entirely. It was certainly not as successful but it was a more enjoyable game in my opinion,

    • Joseph Long

      so people can’t make jokes because snowflakes cry ? No different then those who cry over SNL or Comedy Central shows ….. grow up children, the world is harsh corrupt and unfair but you make noise over stuff like this … complaints from people over issues like this aren’t mentally sound, sky gods, ghosts and sensitive because of living with such fragile psychotic realities.

      but nah lets flip over this stuff but keep acting like our leaders actions are normal …. must be opposite day every day

    • thornh

      Played Paragon a decent amount. No, it is not more enjoyable than Smite.

      • Paul Younger

        I disagree 🙂

      • waswat

        I don’t think either games are enjoyable. The genre needs innovation in the jumping/movement department…

        • Paul Younger

          That’s kind of where Paragon could have gone with different map designs.

    • Untouchable2K™

      The video wasn’t funny, just two 15 year old’s making fun of a game that is way better than their game lol.