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Although Death Stranding remains the only game that Kojima Productions has released after the Konami years, that doesn’t mean the studio hasn’t kept itself busy with new projects. For instance, Kojima Productions revealed last year that it established a new division dedicated to film, TV, and music-related projects. More recently, actor Norman Reedus appeared to suggest that the studio has already begun work on Death Stranding 2. In addition to all this, a recent report by Tom Henderson at Try Hard Guides claims that Kojima Productions has yet another project in the works, which will supposedly come in the form of a horror game titled Overdose.

According to the report, Henderson received footage of this new Kojima game from an anonymous source. The footage apparently suggested that Margaret Qualley, the actress who played the character Mama in Death Stranding, will portray the main character in Overdose.


What is Overdose like?

Henderson also claimed that the footage showed Qualley’s character navigating dark corridors while holding a flashlight. A jump scare occurred at the end of the footage, followed by the words “GAMEOVER,” “A Hideo Kojima Game,” and “OVERDOSE.” Although the footage reportedly showed the action primarily from a third-person perspective, further rumors suggest that players can experience the game in first-person as well.

Those who have closely followed Hideo Kojima’s career for a long time know that he previously attempted to develop the horror game Silent Hills before Konami infamously canned it. With this in mind, there exists a possibility that Overdose will incorporate a few elements originally planned for Silent Hills. Of course, this assumes that Overdose is a real game, which it very well may not be. Having said that, the next few days will see quite a few gaming presentations, including Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. Kojima Productions might confirm the existence of Overdose in at least one of these events.

Kojima Overdose Silent Hills

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