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High on Life, the latest release by Justin Roiland’s Squanch Games, is mostly a linear affair. You play as a bounty hunter working to save humanity from the alien threat, G3, which wants to use people as drugs. Yeah, it’s a bit odd. However, despite the story being somewhat to the point, the game is semi-open world and there are plenty of other tasks to do. In fact, there are side quests. And one of them, which stars a farting alien musician, needs to be tackled early on. Here’s how to get the ‘A Starfish is Born’ achievement in High on Life.

As mentioned, this particular quest is best started early in your adventure. You can begin it halfway through your game without much issue. However, if you waited until the end to clean up quests, this one might evade you.

High on Life: How to get ‘A Starfish is Born’ achievement

To start the ‘A Starfish is Born’ in High on Life and get the achievement, you’ll need to have gotten past the beginning stage. Once 9-Torg is dead, two aliens should have spawned near Blorto’s shop. Go back later after another bounty if they haven’t. Eventually, you’ll see them in front of a closed shutter. One is tall, while the other is sitting cross-legged. You’ll know you found them when the sitting one makes a fart noise every time you speak to it. And yes, he does look like a butt.

You’ve just met Globo, a young alien with a butt for a face and music in his heart. Talking to the tall alien to his left will inform you that Globo wants a drum. To get the drum, all you need to do is navigate to the only place in town that sells shit: Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop. Once inside, turn right and walk to the furthest counter. Buy a weird-looking drum for only 78 Pesos. It’s quite the bargain, and it’ll pay off in the end.

High On Life How To Get A Starfish Is Born Achievement Shop

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Give the drum and keep coming back

Finally, return to Globo and the other alien. Give them the drum, and Globo will start playing. If you’ve done this early enough, then all that’s left is to keep returning to see Globo’s progress.

Keep going back to the duo after every new bounty kill. The first change you’ll notice is that Globo has a captive audience. Return later once again, and the tall alien will say that Globo was signed onto a label. Good job, Globo! Next time you return, you should spot posters with Globo’s face around Blim City. Look around for a video screen and check if you can see Globo playing his drums, now a famous musician. And that’s how to get the ‘A Starfish is Born’ achievement in High on Life.

High On Life How To Get A Starfish Is Born Achievement 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

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