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During your interplanetary travels in High on Life, you may have stumbled on a Warp Crystal. These strange, purple crystals are optional items you can gather throughout the game. They don’t have a stake in story completion, but they can help you get an achievement. Hooray! Here’s how to get and use Warp Discs and Warp Crystals in High on Life.

Warp Crystals can be found on warp bases, or “warped-in” buildings in levels. You’ll be able to spot them wedged into computer consoles, usually on top of these structures. They show up on your mini-map when you use the Info Scanner, so be sure to keep hammering away at the key or button. In most cases, the Warp Crystal is locked away until all enemies in an area are defeated. So, mark the location of one in your brain box during a fight, and return once all the baddies are blasted. They are also occasionally found in Luglox chests.

High On Life How To Use Warp Discs And Warp Crystals Location

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High on Life: How to use Warp Discs and Warp Crystals

But what are Warp Crystals, you ask? Good question. Warp Crystals, once collected, can be traded in at a shop called Blorto’s Chef Stand. It’s a small, indigo building with red tentacles wrapped around. You can spot it pretty easily after leaving the front of your house in Blim City. Speak with Blorto, and he’ll sell you Warp Discs for varying amounts.

Warp Discs transport you to different areas in the game, like a skate park or a quiet cottage. There’s even one for a movie theater, where you can watch a full-length film. To use a Warp Crystal in High on Life, you need to find a Warp Disc portal in a level. You know you found one when you spot a blue, transparent ‘cone’ pointing toward the sky. Use a Warp Disc there to activate it and warp in a location.

High On Life How To Use Warp Discs And Warp Crystals Description

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Here are the Warp Discs and their cost:

  • Cutie Town: 0 crystals (this is the only one that’s free)
  • Movie Theater: 3 crystals
  • Skate Park: 8 crystals
  • Trolley Tracks: 5 crystals
  • Toilet: 5 crystals
  • Quiet Cottage: 10 crystals

As mentioned, there is an achievement tied to the warp locations. Once you complete each requirement, you earn the “Seeing all Sights” achievement.

For more onĀ High on Life, check out our tips guide, as well as our guide on how to stop the fans and how to get the jetpack.

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