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While venturing through the wacky world of High on Life, you may come across a spinning fan or two. These fans would not be all that noteworthy, except that they block players off from certain areas. You may see some loot off in the distance and attempt to grab it, only to come away disappointed because a fan would not let you access it. Fortunately, High on Life does eventually provide players with the means on how to stop and circumvent these fans and reach new areas. This guide will tell you at what point in the game you can accomplish this.

To gain the ability to bypass these fans, you will first have to travel to Port Terrene and play through the bounty mission where you take on Douglas. After a long trek, you will have to engage in a boss encounter with Douglas, who wields one of the sentient weapons you find throughout the game. This particular weapon goes by the name Sweezy, and she can fire Time Bubbles that do exactly what you think they do. After you take care of Douglas, you can wield this potent weapon for yourself.

High On Life How To Stop Fans Use

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How to stop the fans in High on Life

As soon as you acquire Sweezy, she will tell you to slow down a nearby fan using one of her Time Bubbles. This fan serves as the only way out of Douglas’ boss room, so you can’t miss this tutorial. A couple more fans will await you as you make your escape, so you will have plenty of opportunities to drill this mechanic into your head.

Now, any time you see spinning fans when exploring High on Life, you can simply bring out Sweezy and casually pass through them to access whatever they are hiding. Of course, Sweezy can do more than just slow down fans, so feel free to experiment during combat.

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