Hitman 3 Dubai Assassination Challenges Guide

Simultaneous assassinations

These two targets in Hitman 3‘s Dubai level can be killed at the same time towards the end of “How the Mighty Fall” since they’re both chilling in the penthouse lounge.


Impactful Art

Activate the secure room of the lounge. While Grey’s video message is playing, both targets will move close to each other.

Shoot the chandelier and watch them get crushed.

Htmn Db Asnch 1

Conserving Ammunition

Don’t activate the security barriers of the lounge. Instead, line up your shot and take both of them out.

Mile High Drop

Go to one of the hallways near the penthouse’s living room area. You’ll spot an evacuation panel and two parachutes.

Grab a knife from the kitchen and puncture these.

Htmn Db Asnch 2a

Next, activate the lounge’s secure room and hide inside the basket. Wait for Grey’s message to finish playing and don’t do anything (just stay hidden).

Eventually, Ingram and Stuyvesant will be evacuated by their bodyguards. If you’re using a penthouse bodyguard disguise, try to avoid NPCs who think you’re suspicious.

Htmn Db Asnch 2b

Follow them as they “get to the choppa!” It looks like it can’t fly away.

Eventually, the two will be led to the terrace (where the golfing area is). They’ll try to escape by parachuting, and a timer even counts down. If you sabotaged their parachutes beforehand, they’ll plummet to their doom.

Next, let’s talk about the Versatile Assassin challenge and generic kills.

Htmn Db Asnch 2c

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