Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide

As Agent 47 explores the towering Sceptre in Hitman 3‘s Dubai setting, he’ll have plenty of secrets to find. Here’s our discovery challenges guide.

Note: For more information, check out our Hitman 3 Dubai/On Top of the World guide as well as our guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Hitman 3: Dubai discovery challenges guide


Here are the disguises needed for Dubai’s discovery challenges:

  • Wet Worker – Zana “The Vulture” Kazem is found at the right-hand side of the atrium.
  • Waiter Cater – Event staffers with gold jackets (many near the bar area) grant you this disguise.
  • Elite Heat – Penthouse guards will grant you this disguise.
  • Rotor Man – The helicopter pilot is found on the helipad accessible from a side passageway in the penthouse.
  • Hot One – The chef is found in the penthouse’s kitchen.
  • Chameleon – I won’t list all the other disguises that you can find in Dubai. But, you might forget about a couple: one is the outfit worn by Ingram’s bodyguards, and the other is the attire of the art gallery crewmen.

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Hitman 3‘s Dubai level has four persistent shortcuts. But before we get to those, let’s talk about where you can find a crowbar to access them:

Location 1 – On a crate in the ventilation area that’s accessible from the penthouse’s side passages.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 2a

Location 2 – Inside the security room where you can wipe camera footage. To get there from the atrium, go to the right-hand side (where you initially encounter Zana Kazem). You’ll spot a lounge with blue lighting.

There’s an elevator shaft to the left, but it might be locked unless you used the terminal in the server room to open it. Hint: It’s the one from the “How the Mighty Fall” mission story.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 2b

Anyways, once you’ve opened the elevator door, climb up and grab the crowbar.

Note: Alternatively, you can incapacitate the staffer inside the atrium’s bathroom. He has the Burj staff keycard which will let you through the staff area (it leads to the small security room).

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 2c

Shortcut 1: atrium lobby door

If you acquired the Burj staff keycard from the dude in the atrium’s bathroom, you can use it to unlock the door behind him.

Follow the stairwell going down to unlock the shortcut.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 3a

Shortcut 2: Ventilation Area Ladder

After grabbing the crowbar in location #1 (Ventilation Area), use it on the nearby ladder.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 3b1

Shortcut 3: helipad ladder

Follow the walkway past the helicopter and you’ll see another ladder.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 3c

Shortcut 4: penthouse terrace ladder

This is the same area where Ingram plays some golf. Use the crowbar to make the ladder drop. It leads down to the maintenance corridor near the server room.

Hitman 3 Dubai Discovery Challenges Guide 3d

Escape points

Hitman 3‘s Dubai level has multiple escape points that are part of the discovery challenges. If you accessed the server room’s terminal, you can open all of the elevator doors so you can escape via the penthouse or staff elevators. Meanwhile, two spots (the penthouse terrace and construction zone near the helipad) let you escape by parachuting.

As for the helicopter, you’ll find the key if you go down from the ladder that’s near the chopper (the one watched by two guards). Get the key and use it to escape via the chopper.

Htmn Db Dsc Ch 1

Easy Breezy

These are the panels that you can scan with your camera:

  • One panel at the start of the level (Burj Al-Ghazali starting location).
  • Two panels next to a couple of staffers. You pass by this area while completing “How the Mighty Fall.”
  • Two panels below the helipad area. Use the ladder shortcut to climb down and cross the railings.

Htmn Db Dsc Ch 2

Miscellaneous discovery challenges

  • Toothpick – The scimitar is displayed in the penthouse living room.
  • Key to the Sceptre – The penthouse key is also in the living room.
  • Pocket-Sized Empire – The skyscraper miniature is in the penthouse lounge.
  • Evacuation Card – Go to the security room on Floor 03 and input “6927” in the safe. This is also where you’ll find a banana for a feats-type challenge.
  • Helicopter Key – Climb down from the ladder that’s next to the helicopter (it’s the spot guarded by a couple of goons).

Anyways, let’s talk about the feats-type challenges in Hitman 3‘s Dubai location.

Htmn Db Dsc Ch 3

Hitman 3 is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our Dubai level guide as well as our guides and features hub.

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