Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide

Hitman 3‘s Dubai level has several feats challenges for you to complete. Here’s our guide to help you out.

Note: For more information, check out our Hitman 3 Dubai/On Top of the World guide as well as our guides and features hub. Likewise, please be aware that this guide contains spoilers.


Hitman 3: Dubai feats challenges guide

Mission story feats challenges

You can refer to our separate guides for the Dubai level’s mission stories:

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide 1

Meet the Stuyvesants and Precious Moments

Go to the atrium’s bar and you’ll notice Coraline Stuyvesant and her “friend” Lucy talking.

Get ride of Lucy by placing emetic rat poison in the glass.

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide 2a

After Lucy leaves, Marcus Stuyvesant will arrive and speak to his daughter.

Don’t forget to take a photo.

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide 2b

Particular Palette

Dress up as an event staffer and head to the art gallery bar. Wait for Stuyvesant to arrive and serve his drink.

Cashing Out

From the atrium starting location, head left to the deposit room. Open one of the deposit boxes to find a gold bar. Use it to whack the sheik.

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide 3

High Rise Drop

Just toss or push any character down an elevator shaft.

Suiting Attire

Before exfiltrating Hitman 3‘s Dubai level, return to the atrium. The clothing rack near the deposit room has the skydiving suit. Wear it and exit the stage.

Hitman 3 Dubai Feats Challenges Guide 4

Chip and Dip

Go to the maintenance corridor from one of the server room’s exits. Take the male janitor’s keycard and swipe it on the reader before you pull the server rack.

Pull the server rack with yellow fonts so you don’t trigger the alarm.

Htmn3 Db Ftsch 1b

Disturbing the Peace

While Carl Ingram is using the dictaphone, activate the nearby radio in the penthouse’s living room.

Htmn3 Db Ftsch 2a

He’ll get pissed off and head to the penthouse suite. Once he starts using the dictaphone again, activate the vacuum cleaner.

Oh, and since he’s going golfing, you can complete an assassination challenge, too.

Htmn3 Db Ftsch 2b

Geronimo and Flying Monkey Business

Get the banana and evacuation keycard from the Floor 03 security room (use “6927” as the code). Next, go to the penthouse and use the card on the panel next to the parachutes.

Htmn3 Db Ftsch 3

Take note of the evacuation pattern outlined in the “Mile High Drop” assassination challenge.

You need to place the banana on the ground (hold “caps lock” and press “E”) so that the targets slip before they jump off the building. If you do it while the two are just walking around normally, the feats challenge won’t work (seen below).

Htmn3 Db Ftsch 4

Other feats

The only feats-type challenge I’ve yet to complete is Nightcrawler (take a photo of the sheik while he’s sleeping). While he does go to the penthouse, I’ve never seen him sleep in any bedroom.

Hitman 3 is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our Dubai level guide as well as our guides and features hub.

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