Hollow Knight Gods & Glory

Hollow Knight’s third and final content pack is coming in August. Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory releases on PC and Nintendo Switch August 23. And, in keeping with the game’s tradition of adding new content at no additional cost, developer Team Cherry has confirmed that Gods & Glory will be a free update.

There isn’t much information about the Gods & Glory update floating around. Team Cherry has referred to it as “[the developer’s] take on a boss rush mode.” In the short release date teaser, familiar faces make an appearance like Soul Master and Xero as well as an all-new boss called Paintmaster Sheo. Gods & Glory first appeared during Hollow Knight‘s Switch announcement at E3 2018.

Hollow Knight was one of 2017’s sleeper hits. It’s an exceptionally polished Metroidvania with breathtaking art and challenging combat. Its recent Switch port gave the game a second wind, selling over 250,000 copies in two weeks. Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory‘s imminent release makes summer seem like the perfect time to jump back into the game.

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