Bronya Best Team Comps
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Honkai Star Rail: Best Bronya Team Comps

Big buffs.

Honkai: Star Rail features a starting roster of seven different 5-star characters that you can pull at any time. These “standard” 5-star characters, however, are nothing to laugh at, and some of these characters are amongst the strongest in the game. This includes Bronya, a 5-star Wind Harmony character that is one of the strongest buffers currently in the game. Bronya has the ability to increase allies’ damage in numerous ways, with ATK buffs, Crit DMG buffs, and straight-up flat damage buffs. This makes her an important part of any DPS-heavy hypercarry team, such as with characters’ like Seele or Dan Heng. Here’s our guide on Bronya’s best team comps in Honkai: Star Rail.

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Bronya is a 5-star Wind character and can be summoned on Character Event Warp banners or the Regular Warp banner. During Character Event Warp banners, when you roll a 5-star, you have a 50% chance of receiving either a featured character or one of the seven “standard” 5-star characters. This can happen during any Character Event Warp banner, meaning theoretically, you can roll Bronya at any given moment. If you are consistently paying for 5-star characters, you can expect to eventually receive a Bronya, especially as 300 regular warp pulls allows you to pick a “standard” 5-star character of your liking. To best take advantage of Bronya’s strengths in Honkai: Star Rail, consider these team comps.

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Honkai Star Rail: Bronya best team comps

Bronya Honkai Star Rail Team Copms

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Bronya is a 5-star Wind character whose primary role is the buff the damage dealer of your team. This means you should expect to pair Bronya up with characters who can deal heavy damage without relying on DoTs. Bronya, therefore, is best paired up with “Hunt” characters who specialize in dealing high single-target burst damage.

  • Seele / Bronya / Tingyun / Bailu: This is currently one of the strongest comps in the game right now, pairing Bronya up with the current strongest character, Seele. Seele is a 5-star Quantum Hunt character and deals immense single-target damage. Pairing Bronya up with Tingyun for double buffs is a good idea for any team composition utilizing Bronya. Finally, Bailu is a healer, giving your team the defensive utility it needs to stay alive against tough bosses.
  • Dan Heng / Bronya / Tingyun / Natasha: This is a more free-to-play friendly composition, utilizing Dan Heng as your main damage dealer. Natasha is a strong F2P-healer, while Tingyun and Bronya fulfill the same role. One weakness of the team is having two Wind characters, which makes your team a little weaker against enemies with numerous weaknesses.
  • Yan Qing / Bronya / Tingyun / Natasha: Yan Qing is another single-target Hunt character, making Bronya and Tingyun another good pairing with him. Yan Qing focuses on nuking enemies with high burst damage, so Bronya and Tingyun will help greatly.

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