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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 Near Entrance
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Herta’s Simulated Universe is a neat challenge that runs parallel to the main quest in Honkai: Star Rail. You dive into a simulation and face challenges you likely recognize from that main adventure. It’s a terrific training ground that can offer powerful rewards in the form of currency you spend on rare Light Cores. Here is our guide on how to complete Simulated Universe World 4 in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to complete Simulated Universe World 4 in Honkai Star Rail

By the time you access World 4, you should be familiar with how Herta’s Simulated Universe functions. Your strategy this time shouldn’t differ much compared to the one you mastered when learning how to clear Simulated Universe World 3. Really, there are just more powerful enemies and a more challenging boss fight at the end. The game’s recommendation is that you have your characters at level 50, and it’s good advice. Make sure you have also enhanced their Relics a fair bit.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 The Nihility Blessings

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To find success in Simulated Universe World 4, bring along a character with strong ice attacks. For me, that character was March 7th. In addition to tearing through a lot of the mobs, she allowed party members to shrug off damage using her helpful shields. The fight at the end goes best if you also have a good wind user, such as Dan Heng. You also want a capable healer. Serval makes a good choice for a fourth member. Her lightning attacks are useful against the mechanical foes you face. Or, if you have her, Seele is as welcome as ever.

The biggest difference in World 4 is that you now can generate cards from The Nihility path. You will encounter the corresponding Aeon early in your initial run. The blessings it grants focus on DoT-related abilities linked to the Suspicion ability (which debuffs foes). That focus is another reason Seele can prove an effective character to bring.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 Svarog Battle

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At the end of the area, you’ll encounter its boss, Svarog. This is a challenging fight, because Svarog keeps you busy with a lot of powerful attacks. He is weak to wind, fire, and lightning attacks, but not so weak as to be a pushover.

The true challenge doesn’t kick in until you’ve nearly defeated Svarog during the third round. He starts summoning Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit allies, which may capture a member of your party in their grasp and prevent important activity (such as healing). The auxiliary units take some time to die. Svarog brings a new one along frequently enough that he can soon assemble an army of them if you don’t act quickly. The first time I met him, I had him down to a sliver of health, but he finally won just before I could secure victory because I let the arm units grow too numerous. As you approach the final phase of the battle, make sure you’re ready to hit them hard when they appear.

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