How does the Inverse Teleporter Work in Lethal Company Explained

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Lethal Company is a game all about gathering scrap with your best buds on dangerous planets. While you’re on your journey, don’t forget to upgrade your ship with useful tools like the Inverse Teleporter. Believe me, it’ll come in handy.

Lethal Company: How Does The Inverse Teleporter Work

While certain items, such as Flashlights and Walkies, will be vital to survive in this challenging looter, other items, such as the Inverse Teleporter, are a bit more gimmicky. That’s not to say it doesn’t have its benefits. After buying it for 425 credits, players can hop inside and be teleported somewhere completely random outside of the ship. You have zero control over where you’re about to go, so use it at your own risk, as there is no telling if you’re going to be able to survive once using this.

It’s also going to have a substantial three-and-a-half-minute cooldown, so you should use it ideally at the beginning of your run, as waiting this long once the in-game clock is moving is never a good idea.

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Something players have discovered regarding the Inverse Teleporter is that if more than one of you gets inside of it before it begins the teleportation process, it’ll send all of you inside the main facility, not outside.

Be warned, though, as we don’t know if this happens every time, so proceed with caution. It’s worth trying right away to see if you can quickly get inside, saving valuable time.

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