How many worlds are in Remnant 2? Answered

How many worlds are in Remnant 2?

Procedurally generated worlds in videogames have developed in leaps and bounds over the years. Entire worlds can be created at the touch of a button resulting in new and unique experiences every time. Remnant 2 has captured this technology and runs with it. Enemies, NPCs, environments, and even tasks change for every playthrough resulting in a game that has seemingly endless replayability. However, this ever-changing landscape has got players asking; just how many worlds are there in Remnant 2?

How many worlds are in Remnant 2?

How many worlds are in Remnant 2?

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Although it may seem that there is a limitless amount of worlds available to play in Remnant 2, there are really only 5 to play through. The first three levels are the ones you will cut your teeth on and earn your way forward. Once you have completed your tasks in the first three, you will be transported to the final two. In these last two worlds, you can complete the game.

Being a game that relies on every encounter being randomly generated, it is rather resistant to guides. Every playthrough is different, so it leaves the player on their own. Thankfully, the multiplayer aspect means you can share the burden of working out what on earth is going on.

The 5 Worlds of Remnant 2

The first three worlds are Losomn, Yaesha, and N’Erud. Once you have completed the first opening missions, you will be planted into one of these three Remnant worlds at random. Once you have been inserted into the world, the game will procedurally generate the entire playthrough around you. As you move between the three main worlds, you will experience a new game every time.

Once you have completed the core storyline, you will be transported to the penultimate world in Remnant 2. This is known as The Labyrinth and can only be accessed through storyline progression. Finally, after you complete The Labyrinth world, you will be faced with Root Earth. This is the final world in Remnant 2, bringing the total up to 5.

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