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How to avoid playing with modders in Content Warning

Modding Warning.

Content Warning was a hit when it was released, and quickly developed a thriving modding community. It’s usually pretty safe to dip into the world of mods, however, some players are having their games ruined by less considerate modders.

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Modders are ruining Content Warning for many

Modding is typically a fun practice to be had with friends and those who know what’s going on. However, recently some players have been cheating using mods in public lobbies, ruining the fun for everyone else.

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Reddit user Nyawul shared their experience with modders, and it certainly does not sound fun to have someone randomly “spawn a million spiders.”

Note that Landfall and the developers are aware of the sudden increase in griefing and unfair modding in the lobbies, and are actively working toward a way to circumvent this. They are considering implementing a “vote to kick” feature, so players can kick players who are cheating. This doesn’t undo the damage they may have already inflicted, however.

Some have asked the developers about kicking the modders, and they’ve had a couple of responses. One developer said they wish to keep modding open, as for the most part, it’s fun, safe, and only done in lobbies expecting such additions. That same developer also said that there is no way to completely stop people messing with the game, anyway.

Until Landfall does something, the best way to stop suffering at the hands of Content Warning modders, is by trying not to play with them at all.

How to stop playing with modders in Content Warning

Unfortunately, there is no in-game feature to stop you from joining lobbies with modders in. Considering you also can’t tell which player is a modder until they unveil their cheats.

The best way to avoid modders is by playing with friends and trusted players only. If none of your friends are available or want to play the game, then reach out to one of the many communities for players. The Content Warning subreddit Discord is the place I’d go if I were looking for players. I’m sure some will heed your call.

If you must or would rather join random lobbies, then you can simply ask if anyone is running cheats or mods. Some may want to flaunt their powers, thinking it’ll be a fun time. You can then feel free to leave the game if they confirm this.

Naturally, you will run into malicious players who will conceal their modifications to pounce on them, and that may be unavoidable.

It turns out one of the spookiest monsters in Content Warning are the players who want to ruin your day.

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