How to beat Sulla in Armored Core 6

How to beat Sulla in Armored Core 6

Slow and steady wins again.

A game that throws boss fights at you out of the blue is both fantastic and frustrating. Usually, it is possible to predict when one is coming up, but Armored Core 6 likes to take you unawares. Sulla turns up right in the middle of a chapter, and he is no easy boss to defeat in Armored Core 6. He is nimble, packing serious heat, and can stagger you in seconds. It took me quite a few tries to figure out the technique that worked for me, but I got there in the end.

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How to beat Sulla in Armored Core 6

He is fast, he is heavy on stagger attacks, and he will dodge almost everything you throw at him. This makes it essential to be prepared before you fight Sulla in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core build

I would recommend going for something heavy and with a high Attitude Stability. His shoulder plasma and pulse gun focus on stagger, so arm yourself against it. Although he focuses on rapid movement, I found that going in with the Armored Core tetrapod legs actually helped me more than trying to match Sulla’s speed.

Get yourself some fast weapons like kinetics for your hands and homing weapons for your shoulders. He dodges everything you throw at him in Armored Core 6. So shut his fast movements down with lock on and rapid bullets for that high-impact stagger possibility.

How to beat Sulla in Armored Core 6

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Note: Struggling to understand the stats? Check out our detailed guide.

Sulla technique

Sulla is fast; have I mentioned that? However, if you use the small buildings at the far end of the arena, he will end up having his dash distance heavily stunted. I found moving low through these buildings rather than taking Sulla on in the wide open space of the lake was best. Not only could I hide from his shots and pop out when my weapons were recharged, but Sulla also got his Armored Core stuck quite often.

Avoid Sulla’s pulse gun shots as often as possible. Their stagger is formidable, and once you’re on the back foot, he will come at you hard. I used my slow-moving but high Attitude to stay stable and nip between obstacles. The lock on from my Armored Core missiles allowed me to fire from cover. Then I was able to chase him with a fast kinetic weapon.

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