How to beat the Shadow Siege event in Warzone

How to beat the Shadow Siege event in Warzone
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The Shadow Siege event is live on Warzone from 17 August until 21 August and offers players the chance to earn several rewards, including a new weapon. Upon beating the event, players are given a sneak peek of the Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer. The Shadow Siege mission is a co-op event, but you can run out of time and fail if your group doesn’t know what to do. If you want to win on your first try, let me show you how to beat the Shadow Siege event in Warzone.

How to beat the Shadow Siege event in Warzone

There’s no PvP in the Shadow Siege event. Instead, the lobby is tasked with completing several objectives across Al Mazrah.

Secure the Missile Launchers

The first is securing several missile launchers across the map. These are in storage containers, and upon activation, you’ll be swarmed by Konni Soldiers. I recommend pinging one of the missile sites while on the plane and trying to get your squad to follow you. The AI soldiers are relentless, and securing a site on your own is incredibly hard.

Get to the Observatory

After all 8 Sites have been activated (your squad can do multiple if needed), watch the fireworks and head to any of the marked entrances to the observatory. Time is of the essence, so get as close as you can in a vehicle. If you spot any players traveling on foot, make sure you stop and give them a lift if you have space!

Exfil the Gas Canisters

How to beat the Shadow Siege event in Warzone

Image by PC Invasion

This is where I see groups trip up, as the objective isn’t obvious. You need to enter the complex, grab a gas canister, then take it back out the way you came in. There’s a helicopter outside (pictured above) where you can drop the canisters. 

The issue is you have a time limit, and you’re at the mercy of other players in the lobby and how long they take to figure out the objective. Enemy AI is relentless. Although it’s tempting to run, you’ll have a much better time if you’re killing enemy forces; otherwise, they will put you down before you reach the exfill chopper. With a bit of luck and your shining leadership, you should complete the event with minutes to spare.

And there you have it! You have plenty of time to complete the final objective if everyone plays their part, but ultimately, it won’t always go your way. Activision has confirmed that skins and weapons carry over from MW2 to MW3. With this in mind, check out our damage report on the latest patch notes for Warzone.


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