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How to beat the Spirit Temple boss in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

De-Construct the opposition.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom pits Link against a variety of bosses over the course of his adventure in Hyrule. While a lot of them are familiar monsters, some newcomers keep things fresh and require new strategies. Here is our guide explaining how to beat the Spirit Temple boss in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Tears of the Kingdom – how to beat the Spirit Temple boss

Your battle with the Spirit Temple boss takes place after you figure out where to find the Fifth Sage. You assemble four robot pieces by visiting local depots, which creates a physical body for Mineru to inhabit. Then you head to the Spirit Temple to retrieve her tear. Upon your arrival, you meet an unexpected boss.

The Seized Construct is your foe. To beat the Spirit Temple boss, you have to knock it into electrified barriers. You can’t inflict much damage yourself. Your machine is weak compared to the new threat. That means you need to act decisively. You should acquire particular gear ahead of the big bout.

Totk Spirit Temple Boss Preparation

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Along the route you followed to reach the Spirit Temple, you passed several supply platforms. The game advised you to check each of these. It wasn’t joking. The shelves on one of those platforms, located not far past your encounter with the Blue Hinox, include Cannon attachments. Fuse a Cannon attachment to one of Mineru’s hands. I suggest fusing a spiked ball to the other hand.

As the brawl begins, you’ll see sparks of electricity coursing through the wires that surround the gloom-soaked arena. It feels a bit like you’ve stepped into a game of Punch-Out!! Fortunately, you don’t have to go three rounds against the Seized Construct.

Totk Spirit Temple Boss On The Ropes

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To beat the Spirit Temple boss, blast it in the face with a shot from your cannon attachment. You have to press and hold the button for a second or so before the attachment actually fires. I suggest aiming for the chest. Then maybe let your shot go a bit wild if you need to focus on dodging. You should still hit a weak point.

Once the boss is stunned, move in quickly and hit it with your other hand’s attachment. If you have no other attachment in place, find a spiked ball in the arena that you can attach. You need to hit your target a few times in succession while it remains stunned. It will fall backward against the ropes. The contact inflicts serious damage.

Totk Spirit Temple Boss Seized Construct Second Round

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Repeat this process as required. Halfway through your opponent’s life meter, it gains additional abilities. These include new weapons and a longer reach. Its mobility also improves. Remain on the offensive. Don’t give your foe time to mount a proper attack. It will likely knock your Cannon attachment loose, but you can retrieve it and reattach it. That, or get in close and keep hitting. You should beat the boss before long.

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