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Teamwork is crucial in BattleBit: Remastered. Like most objectives-based shooters, playing with team coordination can make the harder playstyle easier to digest. Games such as Battlefield give players clear indicators of what roles they can be. BattleBit: Remastered has players learning those mechanics are their own. One of the mechanics that’s been leaving players confused is how to become a squad leader in BattleBit: Remastered. Becoming the leader easy to do, but the game doesn’t tell you how to do it. So follow this guide below if you plan on leading your squad into battle. 

BattleBit: Remastered: How to become squad leader

There are a couple of ways to take this role in BattleBit: Remastered. The first is by creating a new squad within the match and making yourself the leader. Simply press the X in the squad menu, and then press Create New Squad, and you’ll automatically become the leader. The second way according to Reddit users is to just wait for the game to randomly assign you the role during the match. For this to happen, it seems like the initial squad leader needs to quit or leave the squad. After, you may become the leader. However, the first method guarantees you become the squad leader. You just have to wait for the squad to be filled up to use the leader’s tools. 

In the squad menu becoming a squad leader.

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The role of a leader

Squad leaders can ping objectives or enemies, so if you follow along with those orders, you can level up quickly. On top of that, everyone in the squad can use the squad points, however, for the leader, there’s a little more they can do with the points. Squad leaders can place Respawn Beacons which makes calling reinforcements easier. Instead of spawning at the home base, a captured point, or waiting for a squad member to get out of combat, you can spawn directly on the beacon. During those chaotic moments of BattleBit: Ramastered, this becomes a lifesaver. 

Another cool advantage is that squad leaders can communicate with other squad leaders. In the larger game modes, coordinating with more than 1 squad to achieve a push can make your team a threat. 

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