How to catch the boat vandalizer in Spirittea

How To Catch The Boat Vandalizer In Spirittea
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Early on in the Spiritea, something – or someone – has been vandalizing Sujin’s boat. Here’s how to catch the boat vandalizer in Spirittea.

Catching Sujin’s boat vandalizer in Spirittea

First of all, you have to talk to Sujin herself to get the full story. She’s likely to be around her boat, but sometimes she’s at the coffee shop or her work at the restaurant. Make sure to keep talking to her until she tells you she wouldn’t want you to get hurt on her behalf to get the full story. You wouldn’t want to be me who didn’t realize the encounter wouldn’t spawn unless she’d said everything first.

Her boat is docked right outside the apartment complex. As the incident keeps occurring after she goes to work at 5:30 pm, in order to catch the boat vandalizer in Spirittea you must position yourself in front of the boat and wait for 5:30 to pass, then enter spirit vision.

Boat Spirit Spirittea
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Catch the boat vandalizer spirit in the act. Go confront the spirit. As you can imagine, they’ll run. They run all the way down underneath the temple and disappear. Interact with the rock pile they disappeared into. You’ll be led into a new area to confront the spirit again. Watch in amusement as Wonyan starts hitting a spirit with his coin because he continues to be the funniest thing in this game.

How To Catch The Boat Vandalizer In Spirittea Wonyan Anger
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These two spirits behind the vandalization are Borzo, the long-lost cousin of the dogs from Undertale if the design is anything to go off of, and Dolmori, a face embedded in a moving tree.

How To Catch The Boat Vandalizer In Spirittea Wonyan Is Still Mad
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Once Wonyan is done berating the two excessively, you can’t go back the way you came. You are just outside of the bathhouse to the right, so find the stairs and return to the town if you want to proceed with your day in town. Otherwise, it’s a convenient shortcut to bathhouse time, now that you have two more kinds to seat!

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