How to change your Tick Speed in Minecraft

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While Minecraft is one of, if not the, most iconic game to release in the last decade or so, there are still some details surrounding the game that players don’t know about. One of these is tick speed, and we will run over how to change it in Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to change tick speed

Tick speed is basically how long the day and night cycle is in Minecraft, as the tick speed will correlate with how long anything takes to occur.

The default tick speed for Minecraft is currently set to 20, a speed whose merits are seemingly eternally debated by fans, as it’ll take around 20 minutes for an entire day cycle to pass in Minecraft.

While it’s not a direct in-game setting, if you don’t want to wait for some crops to harvest or want a forest to grow a bit faster, then changing the tick speed can directly ramp up the process.

To change this setting in Minecraft, players will want to follow the process outlined below.

  • Turn on cheats
    • This is the most vital step, and if you don’t want to use cheats, then you cannot change the tick speed
  • Open the cheat console
  • Enter the following command, followed by the number you want the tick speed to be now
    • /gamerule randomTickSpeed #

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This is a rather short process, and depending if you change the value higher or lower is directly going to affect how your Minecraft cycles are going to last.

As noted above, making it higher than 20 can help certain aspects of the game, while lowering the tick speed will simply extend days and make aspects slower.

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