How to complete a stage without getting hit in Streets of Rage 4: Perfect Trophy walkthrough
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How to complete a stage without getting hit in Streets of Rage 4: Perfect Trophy walkthrough

The Platinum Trophy is within reach!

Streets of Rage 4 is one of the best beat-em-ups on the market. It also has some devious Trophies and challenges. Here’s how to complete a stage without getting hit in Streets of Rage 4.

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How to earn the Perfect Trophy in Streets of Rage 4

One of the last Trophies most players will tackle in Streets of Rage 4 is simply called “Perfect.” This task is particularly obnoxious as you must complete an entire stage without taking a single hit. Yes, that includes the boss battle at the end, so you must play flawlessly.

I’ve got two methods for you. One is a cheese, and the other is legit and shouldn’t take long to complete.

The Perfect Trophy Cheese strategy

You must have two controllers or a teammate to complete the Trophy this way. Pick Stage Three (it’s the shortest), and turn on Friendly Hits in the character selection screen.

When the stage begins, the player who wants the Trophy should use their Special Attack until their health bar is depleted. The other player should kill them in this state and repeat the process until they are out of lives. Once you’ve done this, the remaining player can complete the stage as usual.

Oddly enough, it seems only enemy damage counts, so when the remaining player completes the stage, the dead player technically avoided all damage from enemies.

The Perfect Trophy “legit” strategy

If you don’t want your trophy list stained by an exploit, I’ve got something else you can try.

Pick Floyd, use Stage Three, and turn the difficulty down to Easy. The Cargo Ship stage is very short, so you don’t need to play perfectly for long. Floyd has an exceptionally long reach with this Special attack, and you can grab opponents from afar. Remember that you’re completely invincible while using his defensive Special attack.

As you progress through the stage, save your Super attacks, as we’ll use them to defeat the boss quickly.

Feel free to spam your Special attacks, as self-damage doesn’t count against the Perfect Trophy.

How to complete a stage without getting hit in Streets of Rage 4: Perfect Trophy walkthrough
Take your time during this section – Screenshot: PC Invasion

The section just before the boss is a little difficult as enemies will approach from behind, but your Defensive Special will prevent you from taking damage.

When you reach Nora, use your Super attack twice, grab the star on the ground, and do it again. The arena is small, so you can spam your Defensive Special to stay invincible for most of the battle.

If you can get Nora to stand between you and the spiked wall to the left, you can bounce her off it with your Defensive Special to deal tons of damage.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

I earned the Trophy using this method within a few tries. Once you’ve memorized the enemy spawns, it’s not too difficult. If you’re on the Trophy grind, Perfect is arguably the hardest. With that out of the way, nothing is stopping you from earning that coveted Platinum.

If you’ve played the original Streets of Rage trilogy, you likely noticed Roo chilling out behind the bar on one of the stages. You can unlock Roo as a playable character, although you’re limited to his retro iteration.

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