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How to complete the Purifying event in Destiny 2

A bit of Guardian golf.

Taking part in the several activities across Destiny 2’s new location will have you complete some peculiar tasks you might not expect. Here is how to complete the Purifying event in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How to complete the Purifying event

Destiny 2 Purifying Event Chest

If you are just starting to complete several of the first challenges in the new Pathfinder system, you may have come across the Purifying event. Similar to the Stitching event, the Purifying event features a simple task that will not be explained whatsoever, leading to some confusion. Once you get to the event’s location in The Divide peak, interact with the chest to “begin Mending.”

Destiny 2 Purifying Platform

A platform will appear all of a sudden right next to the treasure chest. Don’t worry about it now, but you better take note of the surrounding terrain and its elevation and angles. You will probably need that knowledge later, wink wink. The goal is to put the tumbleweed on this platform. I’ll explain.

  • Destiny 2 Shadow Ball
  • Destiny 2 Shadow Ball 2

Once you go to the marker inside the ice cave, you will find a sort of shadow tumbleweed. You see, to complete the Purifying event, you will need to “purify” this sphere by driving it toward the platform we saw earlier. How? Like you normally would: shooting it with your bullets.

  • Destiny 2 Shadow Ball And Platform
  • Destiny 2 Dispel The Corruption

Now, you will probably want to be a bit careful with all your firepower since gravity will do its thing and move the shadow sphere downhill. That said, once you get outside the cave, you will probably want to move in front of it to stop it from falling off the cliff. Drive it to the platform and it will become purified. Interact with the chest to dispel its corruption and receive your reward.

Keep in mind that these sorts of events will not be available until you finish the main campaign missions and you can roam freely across the entirety of the Pale Heart. Keep completing the various events and activities so that you can level your gear and weapons and discover what The Final Shape has in store for you.

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