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How to complete three unique Contracts in a single match in Warzone BR or Resurgence

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

Contracts are a great way to make some extra cash and earn some loot in Warzone BR and Resurgence, but to complete three unique ones is no easy task. Here is how I get this challenge done fast.

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How to do three contracts in a single match in MW3

There are a few tips you should take note of before attempting this challenge in Modern Warfare 3. These will make it much easier.

Pick your game mode

I would suggest Resurgence to complete three unique contracts in a single match over Warzone BR. Although there are more contracts available in Warzone, and more time in which to do them, the nature of respawning in Resurgece makes this much faster.

When you die, it is possible to drop in on locations. This makes getting around the map to complete unique contracts much easier. When you die in Warzone, you’re probably not going to be getting up anytime soon. The size of the map makes things a little longer too.

Pick your contracts

Not all contracts are created equal. Some are much harder than others, so I would suggest going for these three out of the possible contracts available in Resurgence and Warzone BR. They will take the least time to complete, and result in the fastest time to finish the challenge.

Bounty Unique Contracts Resurgence Complete Mw3
Screenshot: PC Invasion
  • Bounty – Often you will find this contract is completed by someone else on the map. In a game mode like Resurgence, enemies die all the time.
  • Scavenger – Again, using resurgence, you can easily complete this contract. If you don’t make it to the box, you can always just drop in on it. There is some sweet loot in it for you too.
  • Upload Intel—If you’re playing Resurgence, then the location for this unique contract in Modern Warfare 3 isn’t too far away to complete. Again, if you don’t make it on foot, make it under the canopy.

Communication is key to contracts

If you want to be successful in completing three unique contracts in Warzone BR or Resurgence, you’ll need to be on the mic. Let your team know what you want to do, and most people will happily help. After all, there is always loot and cash involved.

If you’re looking for a real challenge, Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 is looking for the brave few to complete the Champions Quest.

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