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How to create a dedicated server in Soulmask

Create your own Soulmask server.

Soulmask is fun enough on your own, but playing with friends elevates the experience to a whole new level. If you want to create a custom world just for your group, you can even host your own dedicated server in Soulmask without much hassle.

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Creating a dedicated server sounds scary on paper if you’ve never done it before, but it’s actually pretty simple. If you want to host your own custom Soulmask server, here’s what you need to do.

How to Make a Custom Server in Soulmask

To create a dedicated server in Soulmask, just follow these steps.

  1. Create a new folder to hold your server’s files.
  2. Download SteamCMD for Windows.
  3. Extract the files to a folder in the root directory of your C drive (or whatever drive Steam is installed on).
  4. Search for “CMD” in Windows and open Command Prompt.
  5. Open the SteamCMD installation path on the command line. If you followed the instructions and put it on the SteamCMD folder on the root of your C drive, then just type “cd C:/steamcmd” into the command line.
  6. Type “steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 3017310 validate +quit” to download the dedicated server.
  7. You’ll see “Success! App ‘3017310’ fully installed” after the download completes.
  8. Navigate to C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Soulmask Dedicated Server For Windows and open StartServer.bat to start your dedicated Soulmask server!

To change your server details like the server name and player count, just right-click StartServer.bat and choose Edit. Here are some common parameters that you’ll likely want to change.

  • Setting the server name: -SteamServerName=\”your server name\”
  • Setting the max players on the server: -SteamServerName=\”your server name\”
  • Server password: -PSW=\”yourpassword\”
  • Enable GM access password: -adminpsw=\”yourGMpassword\”
  • Setting to PVP mode: -pvp
  • Setting to PVE mode: -pve

With that, you’ve set up your very own dedicated server in Soulmask! Your friends should be able to view the server and join normally. Hosting the server on your PC will cause a small performance hit to your game, so make sure to adjust your settings accordingly. Soulmask runs on a wide range of hardware including the Steam Deck, though, so you should be fine as long as you have a beefy machine.

All GM Commands for Soulmask Dedicated Servers

Since you’re the owner of your own dedicated server, you can use GM commands to teleport players, adjust XP values, and more while playing the game. To enable and use GM commands, just follow these steps.

  • Boot up your private server and enter it in Soulmask.
  • Press the ~ key to open the command console.
  • Type “gm key [password]” with [password] being the password you entered for “adminpsw” in StartServer.bat.

This will make you an administrator for the server. You can open the GM panel at any time by typing “gm key [password]” in the command line. Here’s a list of the most important GM commands in Soulmask.

CommandCommand Console Code
Open GM Panelgm key [password]
Add Experiencegm AddExp [value]
Add Mask Experiencegm Addmjexp [value]
Add Hunting Experiencegm Addshoulieexp [value]
Increase Hunting Experiencegm AddShouLieExp [value]
Reset Pointsgm XiDian
Suicidegm ZiSha 1
Revivegm FuHuo
Delete Accountgm shanhao
View Own LocationGPS
Quick Recruit NPC (Aim at Target)gm ZhaoMu
Teleportgm Go [position_x] [position_y] [position_z]
Clear All NPCsgm ClearAllNpc
Remove Selected Targetgm ClearSelect
Refresh Vegetation within Rangegm ShuaXinZhiBei
Show Own Information, such as Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, ShowInfo 1
Show Character Information, such as Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, ShowInfo 0
Invisibilitygm SetAttr YinShen 1
Disable Invisibilitygm SetAttr YinShen 0
Repair Mask Nodesgm JSMJ
Unlock All Map Informationgm ShowMap
Unlock All Tech Tree Nodesgm KeJiShu
Display Barbarian Invasion Heat Information Chartgm ShowReDu
Clear All Barbarian Invasion Heatgm ClearAllReDu
Increase Barbarian Invasion Heat at Current Locationgm AddReDu [value]
Reset Tutorial Missionsgm ChongZhiRenWu
View Server Status InformationDebuginfo 1
Close Server Status InformationDebuginfo 0

After tinkering with the settings and files for a while, you’ll eventually get the hang of hosting your own dedicated Soulmask server. While normal servers are fine, it’s really fun to tweak the settings of your own server and enable things like PVP on a whim depending on how your group of friends is feeling.

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