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How to dash while affected by Underworld Dash in Fortnite

The Fortnite Myths and Mortals update is finally live, and with it come lots of new quests for you to complete for rewards. One of these quests requires you to dash three times in 10 seconds with the Underworld Dash. This is a lot easier than it may seem.

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Using the Underworld Dash in Fortnite

When you’ve got the Underworld Dash in Fortnite, you’ll be able to dash in mid-air, almost like a double jump. The only problem is, the game doesn’t exactly telly you how to perform this action.

Underworld Dash In Fortnite
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To perform the Underworld Dash, you must simply jump, and then jump again. There is no other button needed for this execution. As there is no cooldown time, you can chain these one jump after the other. This will easily allow you to perform the three Underworld Dashes needed for the mission.

The Underworld Dash has really helped me escape from dangerous situations, and make myself a hard target whilst pinning them down shooting of my own. The direction that your facing is the direction that you’ll be dashing, which makes it useful for both horizontal and vertical means.

They were especially useful in my fight against Cerberus, as I was able to out-manoeuvre his leaps and jumps. It made easy work of getting his Aspect.

How to get the Underworld Dash in Fortnite

To get the Underworld Dash in the first place, you’ll need to visit the Underworld, the new region on the west side of the map. This dark and troubled place has turned all the lakes and bodies of water from crystal blue to a mystical green. And it’s the water that you’ll be after.

Underworld On Map In Fortnite
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Once taking a dip in the water, you’ll notice that three green skulls will pop up, floating around you. These represent how many charges you have left. Upon performing an Underworld Dash, you’ll lose one of the skulls.

Fret not, however, as after around ten seconds, they will replenish, to a max of three. If you use all three of the charges, then you’ll run out, and will need to take another dip in the waters. It will be well worth to visit the region simply to gain this extra mobility, you’ll realize how handy it is when you start using it.

Make sure to always have one charge left, it would be a shame to lose the ability.

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