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How to defeat La Potence in Skull and Bones Raging Tides

Hope you've brought your VapoRub.

Skull and Bones has recently released its first season update, Raging Tides, and with it, the La Potence boss ship. Here are all the tips you’ll need to take down the toxic titan.

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Preparation for fighting La Potence in Skull and Bones

No matter how well-prepared you are, La Potence will likely destroy you. Power in numbers is the aim of the game here, although you will certainly need to be strong enough to not get blasted to bits immediately and to deal meaningful damage.

In the new Smuggler Pass, players can earn two vital pieces of kit that will make the fight much easier. In Tier 20 of the Quartermaster path, players can earn the schematics for La Potence, which will reveal weak points to deal even more damage.

La Potence Schematics In Skull And Bones
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Tier 20 of the Shipmaster path will earn players the Wailing Ward, an Armor that significantly reduces the damage from La Potence’s toxins, the ship’s signature attack.

With both of those items, the fight becomes much, much easier. Although you’ll still need to prepare accordingly.

Bring the best food you have available to make Stamina redundant. You will want to be on the move as much as possible to avoid the dastardly bombard attacks that deal massive damage.

I’d suggest bringing at least 10 Enhanced Repair Kit II, just in case La Potence takes a special liking to you. These kits will restore 70% of your ship’s health. I would suggest the next tier up, but you won’t want to have only 10% of health left at any one instance for them to be fully utilized.

Food In Skull And Bones
Screenshot: PC Invasion

It may also be wise to have a lot of spare Silver to resurrect your ship should it sink in combat.

Restoration Kits to remove status effects will also be critical.

Naturally, make sure you’re stocked up on ammunition, but that should be a trivial matter at this point.

When it comes to ship rank, you don’t need to be excessively powerful, as you should have a solid crew sailing with you. With this in mind, only being a Rank 10 ship should suffice, although this would be the bare minimum to survive the fight as long as there are other strong ships fighting with you.

How to activate the La Potence fight in Skull and Bones

Like other heavy encounters in Skull and Bones, La Potence is a world event that may randomly trigger.

Upon it starting, players can flock to the world event and request help, notifying all players in the server in hopes of heralding them to the fight.

The event will only be on for a limited time, so the server only has so long to take the ship down. If the time runs out before La Potence is defeated, the event will be over, and the ship will disappear. Better luck next time.

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Fighting La Potence in Skull and Bones

La Potence is a powerful and damaging foe in Skull and Bones. Even for Rank 12 vessels, having others alongside you will be needed.

The unique advantage that the La Potence has is the toxic weaponry, the Plague Bombs, that blur sights and damage your ship over time.

Shp Destroyed Skull And Bones
Image: DarthMech

Alongside the cannons, the ship benefits from a terrible bombard weapon that deals huge damage and poisons the ships it strikes. If you are to survive and defeat La Potence, then you’ll need to keep moving. Stopping will risk getting targeted and struck, which could be the end of your ship.

Naturally, avoid collisions with the ship, and try to stay wide to not be targeted too much. Allow your fellow ships to take some of the brunt.

If you have the La Potence Schematics from the Smuggler Pass, then the weak points will become visible and available to strike. These could prove pivotal to turning the tide of the fight. Make sure that as a part of your arsenal, you have weapons that allow for accurate strikes to punish La Potence.

Also don’t forget naval fight basics, like Bracing when under fire.

As long as you’re giving La Potence some space, never stop, and target those weak points like any other tough ship, then you’ll be completely fine. I just hope your allies are as effective as you are!

La Potence defeat rewards in Skull and Bones

Defeating La Potence in Skull and Bones is a huge achievement, however, the rewards for this feat don’t reflect the challenge.

The rewards for defeating La Potence in Skull and Bones are:

  • Repair Kit
  • 30 Sugarcane
  • Around 100 Silver

The rewards may alternate, but they will be of similarly low value as the ones listed. This reward is not befitting at all of the legendary Plague King, and it does not promote replayability. Players entering the season late will struggle to find partners as other players who have already done the fight will not be incentivized to do so again.

Taking down La Potence will be a large challenge indeed, but those with a great loadout will have better odds.

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