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How to easily level up weapon mastery in Disgaea 7

Easy proficiency.

Disgaea 7 is like a lot of RPGs, in that you’ll want to level up your characters regularly. But there’s more to the process than simply walking them through those 9,999 levels a few times. You also need to help them gain experience using some of their favorite weapons, so they have more access to their best attacks. Here is our guide telling you how to easily level up weapon mastery in Disgaea 7.

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Disgaea 7 – how to easily level up weapon mastery

You can always level up your weapon mastery the old-fashioned way. That involves a lot of grinding and picking on weaker enemies, since the game doesn’t seem to care who you’re hitting with your attacks. You can even hit your own teammates. In fact, the best way to easily level up weapon mastery is to pick on your allies in the Item World.

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You level up a lot of weapons and skills through repeated use. For example, your healers gain proficiency as they restore your life. Mages cast their offensive spells and periodically grow more proficient. Typically, you want to aim your attacks at enemies, but sometimes a weak attack on a friend works in a pinch.

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In the Item World, find a Geo Symbol that adds the Invincible effect to Geo Panels. Place it on a nearby panel of a convenient color. Doing so applies the effect to any panels of that hue. Ideally, choose a color with six to eight panels near your characters or within easy reach of your base. Then, have your allies occupy each of those panels, or at least block your enemies from standing on them.

Next, have any allies standing on those panels attack each other. No matter how much damage they inflict, no HP is removed. You can keep this going for numerous turns, as long as your actual enemies remain alive. Often, there will be one or two foes out of range who won’t move your way, meaning you can keep training for hours. If your characters are well positioned, they may employ combo attacks and gain mastery even more quickly.

In uncommon cases, you may be able to combine effects. For instance, you might add another symbol to restore MP, so that you can cast powerful spells repeatedly. The technique lets you easily level up weapon mastery, but it can also suit other purposes.

When you’re ready to continue adventuring, simply eliminate the last foe or head to the nearest Skip Gate. Before you attempt the above process, make sure you have a Mr. Gency Exit so you can exit the Item World in a hurry if necessary. You may have to burn through a few dozen Item World levels to find one that works just right, but suitable locations seem to come along every few dozen levels or so.

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