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How to unlock and use the Item World in Disgaea 7

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Disgaea 7 is the latest game in the series to let players dive into their weapons. The Item World is a terrific way to level up not only equipment but also party members. Perhaps it will even let you learn to stop worrying and love the grind. Here is our guide telling you how to unlock and use the Item World in Disgaea 7.

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Disgaea 7 – how to unlock and use the Item World

If you’re like me, the first thing you do when you start a new Disgaea game is try to find a way to enter the Item World. It’s a complex sort of place, endlessly empowering but also quite dangerous. Perhaps for that reason, it’s never available right from the start of the campaign. To unlock the Item World and use it to level up your gear and characters, you must advance most of the way through Episode 3.

Disgaea 7 Item World Unlocked In Episode 3

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Mr. Gency Exit is a lifesaver

The Item World unlocks after you clear the Beach With No Escape mission in Episode 3. That fourth mission in the episode is an eventful one. Ceefore also joins your party after you clear it. When you arrive back at your base, Pii-Chan lets you know about the opportunity to dive into the Item World. A relevant quest called Item World Research 1 also becomes available. If you complete it, you receive Mr. Gency Exit.

Whenever you enter the Item World, make sure to have a Mr. Gency Exit item. The first time you enter an Item World, you should receive a supply of three of them. You can use Mr. Gency Exit to leave the Item World whenever you need, provided one party member is available to deploy on the current stage.

When I dive into the Item World, I like to make sure I always leave one party member in the base to dispatch in the event of an emergency. I never dispatch that character except to have them use Mr. Gency Exit and flee.

Disgaea 7 Item World Choosing Equipment To Explore

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Choose your item wisely

When you enter the Item World, start by selecting an item to explore. You will dive into that item and your progress will allow it to gain levels. Every few levels, its stats may improve. For instance, you can enter a weaker item such as the Glasses. At level 0, they typically offer base stat improvement of +7 INT and +7 HIT. At level 101, they offer twice that much.

The equipment you choose determines floor difficulty. That selection also impacts how deep you can dive. More powerful gear starts at a higher level and you can dive deeper. The Glasses will allow you to dive a maximum of 10 levels, and enemies start out weak.

Disgaea 7 Item World Level Sphere Targeted

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Take in the scenery

There are numerous points of interest in the Item World. The main one you’ll want to pay attention to is the Skip Gate, which lets you advance to the next floor without eliminating every foe on the current level. Sometimes a powerful adversary guards the gate, so it’s harder to rush things.

A few other attractions to watch out for:

  • Lucky Board – Eliminate this enemy quickly to receive additional EXP, Mana, and HL, depending on what their sign/board advertises.
  • Level Sphere – Increases the number of levels an item obtains as you clear stages.
  • Innocent – When you subdue these enemies, they apply specific bonuses to the current Item World, and later, you can move them to other items.
  • Treasure Chest – The loot you find in chests in the Item World, particularly as you dive deeper, may prove quite impressive.

When you first enter a stage, the camera typically pans to highlight special points of interest. I try to prioritize those resources so that I don’t miss them. Sometimes, a floor suddenly becomes more dangerous after a few rounds. For instance, a foe might enter the Jumbified state. The bosses you face every ten floors like to do that, especially.

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Disgaea 7 Item World Stage Clear

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Risk and reward

You receive the best rewards when you defeat all enemies on a floor. At the end of each Item World level you clear, your bonuses reflect your performance. You receive additional HL, EXP, Mana, and even resources for the juice bar back at your base. There’s no better place than the Item World to improve your party in a hurry.

Try to visit at least the first five floors on an Item World visit to a new item. You receive a Mr. Gency Exit after clearing the fifth floor. After clearing each tenth floor, you enter Innocent Town. Here, you can exit the item without having to use an item. If you find yourself running low on Mr. Gency Exit items later in the game, you can always buy weak items and run through their Item Worlds to replenish your supply.

The Item World contains other surprises not noted here. You will find characters on some floors between standard combat areas. They may provide a special event, including combat. The deeper you dive into an Item World, the more likely you are to encounter new challenges and opportunities.

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