How To Activate Sam Site Warzone 2 Dmz

Some objectives in DMZ require you to shoot down a hostile aircraft. Doing so with a gun or even a launcher isn’t practical as it takes far too many shots. Thankfully, there is a weapon perfectly suited to the job that can be found in Al Mazrah. Here’s our guide on how to find and activate a SAM Site in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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How to find a SAM Site in Warzone 2 DMZ

SAM Sites contain a powerful anti-air weapon that can destroy anything that flies. It stands for surface-to-air missile, and that’s exactly what these modern-day cannons do. They fire multiple fast-traveling missiles into the air, taking out anything they hit.

In DMZ, SAM Sites are required to complete specific objectives and to find supply drops. To find a SAM Site, all you have to do is look for the missile symbol on your map. These SAM Sites are scattered around Al Mazrah and tend to be heavily guarded, so be prepared for a gunfight when you approach them.

Sam Site Dmz Legend Map

Screenshot by PC Invasion.

After clearing out the area near the SAM Site you can walk up and interact with it. This will trigger an event that requires you to defend the SAM Site for a set period of time. During this period, a lot of enemies will spawn, including some heavily armored ones. So make sure to use cover and have a suitable weapon at hand.

Once a SAM Site has been secured in DMZ, it will automatically search for and fire at any nearby aircraft. Eventually, the fallen aircraft will crash and drop a supply drop that will be marked on your map. Head over to this supply drop and loot it to claim what’s inside to complete your objective.

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