Pine Heights Restored In Lightyear Frontier
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How to find all Pine Heights Slime locations in Lightyear Frontier

Let's kick start an ecosystem

The Lightyear Frontier demo has charmed us all with its vibrant aesthetic – something that all the Noxious Slime in Pine Heights detracts from. You’ll need to clear it all to get the local wildlife back in action.

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How to restore Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier

To restore Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier, you need to clear all of the Noxious Slime that’s squatting in the area. You can find the Pine Heights region on the map, just northwest of the starting region, The Meadows.

Clearing away the Slime requires the Vacuum, Harvester, and Irrigation Hose tools. If you haven’t already, make sure to collect these tools. Both of these attachments are signaled by great plumes of orange smoke. Follow them and collect them, they’ll instantly attach.

Clearing Slime In Lightyear Frontier
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With your Vacuum Harvester equipped, go to a local body of water and suck up as much water as you can carry. Then, switch over to your Irrigation Hose. This will allow you to shoot water to clear away the Slime.

There are many blobs of slime littering the resource-rich Pine Heights. Below are all of the locations you’ll find it.

All Slime Locations in Pine Heights in Lightyear Frontier

Pine Heights is best described as a tight and small stretched circuit. Starting from the bottom left, you can travel in an oval all around it – hitting all of the slime spots on the way there.

Slime Location 1 In Lightyear Frontier
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There are quite a few slime spots in the bottom portion of Pine Heights. It’s an open field so you should spot all of them.

Then, travel north, past the Ancient Megastructure until you hit the point below.

Slime Location 2 In Lightyear Frontier
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When you reach the above point, clear the Slime in your way, then hit two extra spots. One is to the left and another is further up the main path.

You will hit a natural stop as your Mech will struggle to get past the trees and rocks. Start to turn to the right and follow the path up a couple of small rocks and continue.

Slime Location 3 In Lightyear Frontier
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There are more Slime blobs only a little further down the path. Don’t forget to be thorough!

Slime Location 4 In Lightyear Frontier
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You will quickly find a congregation of Slime. This path is quite narrow – but still, make sure that you’ve hit all the Slime blobs in this area. There is a body of water handy for you to refill.

Continue down the path where it’ll plateau and open up. There are a final few for you to hit.

Slime Location 5 In Lightyear Frontier
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I noticed that I didn’t have to eliminate the final portion of slime, when I hit 97%, Pine Heights was restored and the remaining Noxious Slime disappeared on its own. So don’t sweat if you feel you missed one.

However if you’ve done the circuit, and Pine Heights isn’t cleared, refill your water and do it again. This time, make sure to use your jetpack to get a better view of the land!

Now with Pine Heights restored, you can work on feeding the local wildlife. I just hope you have enough Plant Oil to make all the Kibble required.

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