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How to get Plant Oil in Lightyear Frontier

Time to start our processing venture.

Exploring this new world filled with possibilities for human survival will not be an easy task. And since this is a farming game with the addition of open-world elements, then of course crafting elements and creating new buildings is going to be part of the job. Here is how to get Plant Oil in Lightyear Frontier.

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Lightyear Frontier: How to get Plant Oil

Once you get your Mech up and running and start building your home, you will be tasked with creating your first resource manufacture constructs. However, some of these constructs – Fodder Oven and Assembler – will require a resource you can’t find in the wild: Plant Oil.

To get Plant Oil, you will need to build the Oil Presser, one of the starting constructs. Frustratingly, the game doesn’t mention how to do this and how exactly pressing a plant very hard will yield oil, but I digress.

Lightyear Frontier Oil Presser
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To build the Oil Presser you will need the following resources that are found all across the map:

  • 6x Wood: use your Spike Saw to hit trees, which will drop wood.
  • 3x Stone: do the same with the rock formations across the ground.

Both the trees and rock formations will provide abundant resources, meaning that you only need to hit one tree and one rock formation if you are lucky. Once you do, select it from your Constructs Wheel menu and select an appropriate place in the ground.

You will then see the blueprint ghost of your Oil Presser. Setting these blueprints in the ground will not cost you anything, but you will need to interact with these to provide the resources for them to become interactable and tangible.

I suggest building a Shed first so that you can receive an Increased Efficiency bonus – and because it looks nice to keep things organized, you don’t want your constructs to be all over the place, right? You can demolish your constructs if you need to reposition them to make use of the bonus.

Lightyear Frontier Plant Oil
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Finally, interact with the Oil Presser and provide Plant Fiber in exchange for Plant Oil. You can collect Plant Fiber from trees and bushes around the world, and you will need five of these to craft a single bottle of Plant Oil.

Processing the Plant Fiber will take 15 seconds, with other Oil types taking longer. While there are no microtransactions that will bypass the waiting process, there are Mech upgrades that will eventually reduce the processing time for your Oil Presser.

Moreover, initially, you can only have five Oil types queued at a time, so make sure to focus your attention on other missions and objectives like restoring Pine Heights while the Oil Presser takes care of the job.

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