How To Find And Farm Violet Coral In Wuthering Waves
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How to find and farm Violet Coral in Wuthering Waves

For Resonator ascensions.

Violet Coral is one of many materials required for ascending Resonators, but how can you find and farm this material in Wuthering Waves? We’ll show the best farming route and locations of Violet Coral.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Violet Coral farming route

There are two distinct spots where you can currently find Violet Coral. This is a material that Resonators may need for ascension, but currently, with the 1.0 update, there’s no character yet that requires Violet Coral. If you’re preparing to pull for any character, you may still want to collect Violet Coral to prepare for future characters.

How To Find And Farm Violet Coral In Wuthering Waves Norfall Barrens
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Norfall Barrens

The best spot for the most abundance of Violet Coral is the Norfall Barrens. This is a place you’ll be able to traverse once you make it past Chapter 1, Act 6 of the main campaign, which is just after the Rewinding Raindrops mission.

Here, you’ll find around 43 Violet Corals around this vast region. They’re positioned in random spots, so you may stray off the path of my route, but if you follow the general area you’ll be able to grab all the Violet Coral available.

How To Find And Farm Violet Coral In Wuthering Waves Wuming Bay
Screenshot: PC Invasion (via WuWa interactive map)

Wuming Bay

If you haven’t unlocked the Norfall Barrens yet, the only other location where you can spot Violet Coral is in Wuming Bay. This location is east of Tiger’s Maw and southeast of Jinzhou City.

There are around 10 Violet Corals here, so a lot less than Norfall Barrens but enough to make a quick farming trip. Although the majority of this flora is packed within the Shattered Blocks, it seems like one more Violet Coral is hiding in the top left corner of Wuming Bay.

Now you know how to find Violet Coral and farm it for Resonator ascension materials in Wuthering Waves! A more popular ascension material is the Pecok Flower which you can also farm across Huanglong.

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