Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops Quest Guide
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Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops quest guide

No electrician needed.

Chapter 1 Act 5 of Wuthering Waves has you figuring out some intricate puzzles before facing off against a tough boss. This quest guide will help you figure out the answers to those puzzles and how to defeat the boss in the Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops quest.

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How to turn on the electricity in Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops

Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops Quest Guide First Room
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The quest is pretty linear up until you make it to Whining Aix’s Mire. Your first task here is to figure out a way to turn the electricity back on in the facility you’re in. To do this, head upstairs and grab the green battery using the Levitator Utility. Place the battery into the green slot on the locked entrance with the red battery already placed.

Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops Quest Guide Second Room
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Inside this room, you can chat with the holograms to find more clues. In the middle of the room is a new green battery to use, so take it and place it in the door that requires two green batteries to open. Now grab the green battery that you used to open the first room and use it to unlock the second room.

Wuwa Battery Change
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Now in this room is another green battery, a hologram chest, and a device that switches the colors of the batteries. First, you’ll want the items in the chest. Grab the battery available to you and place it down on the red button on the floor behind you. This will allow you to unlock the chest. Now take the green battery and place it in the color-changing device to make it red.

Wuthering Waves Rewinding Raindrops Quest Guide Third Room
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Leave the room with the red battery and place it in the locked room that requires a red and green battery. Once the red battery is placed you can use one of the green batteries you used to unlock the second door to unlock the third and final one.

You’ll be faced with a few Tacet Discords to fight. After defeating them, unlock the chest up on the platform and solve the disc puzzle ahead. This disc puzzle is pretty easy, just follow these instructions to solve it:

  1. Rotate the outer dial twice.
  2. Rotate the middle dial once.
  3. Rotate the inner dial three times.
Wuwa Mech Abomination
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How to defeat the Mech Abomination

Now that the electricity is on, you can head into the basement. Depending on your party’s overall level, this should be an easy fight. Otherwise, Aalto will recommend that you target the joints to weaken them. The game will also give you a tip to use the Levitator Utility to throw any summoned machines at it. During my fight this didn’t seem to happen so I just focused on dealing damage.

Although the game grants you Encore as a trial character, you’re still with your main party, and for me, that was Calcharo, female Rover, and Verina. This enemy can hit hard, so make sure to dodge and counterattack it when it tries to slam its arms down on you.

Wuwa Mech Abomination Lightning
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The Mech Abomination also has a move where it summons a bunch of lightning strikes. You can easily avoid these by dodging and running out of the way. Wait to start hitting it again once the lightning is gone. It’ll also shoot out a radius of lightning damage outward, which you can jump or dodge over.

Hopefully, this Rewinding Raindrops quest guide for Wuthering Waves helped you figure out your way through the puzzles and boss battle! If your team is around level 50 and you’re consistently switching between characters to utilize their Intro and Outro skills, you should be fine.

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