How To Fix A Sprained Ankle And Broken Leg In Nightingale Campfire
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How to fix a Sprained Ankle and Broken Leg in Nightingale

I need a doctor!

Falling from a great height can cost you a Sprained Ankle or a Broken Leg in Nightingale, but how can you fix this?

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Nobody wants a negative debuff on them, let alone an aching limb. We’ll show you how you can heal yourself after a nasty fall.

Nightingale: How to heal a Sprained Ankle or Broken Leg

Falling off your second-story window could land you a Sprained Ankle while falling off a cliff before you can pull out your Umbrella can cost you a Broken Leg. But what do you do to cure yourself? You can fix a Sprained Ankle or a Broken Leg in Nightingale by consuming a Healing Salve.

How To Fix A Sprained Ankle And Broken Leg In Nightingale Debuff
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So far, this is the only consumable I’ve found to cure you of these two ailments. As soon as you take that terrible fall, you’ll notice a red debuff show up on the bottom left corner of your screen. Here’s what both give you:

  • Sprained Ankle: Unable to dodge
  • Broken Leg: Unable to jump or sprint.

Since losing these abilities can be devastating in a bad situation, you want to heal yourself fast with a Healing Salve. This is the first consumable you learn to craft in Nightingale, and it’ll instantly cure you of these two ailments.

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How to craft a Healing Salve in Nightingale

How To Fix A Sprained Ankle And Broken Leg In Nightingale Healing Salve
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Crafting a Healing Salve in Nightingale requires a Campfire, Bones, and Fiber. You can get Bones by killing predators and prey, and Fiber comes from the various flora and weeds around your biome. Once you have one of each, ignite your Campfire and craft a Healing Salve.

Hold it, then press the “F” key to eat it, which will get rid of your debuffs. It’s one of those items that you should always have on you for situations like this. This is because you cannot consume a health potion to cure a Sprained Ankle or Broken Leg.

Although there may be other health items further into Nightingale once you level up, so far the Healing Salve is the best and only item for curing an injured leg. Speaking of injuries, you should learn how Heartshots work in Nightingale.

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