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How to fix Anti-Cheat Failed to Start in The Gray Zone Warfare

At least I don't have to pay 250 bucks.

Extraction shooters are slowly becoming mainstream, and I’m here for it. The Gray Zone Warfare is all about the hyper-realism that Escape from Tarkov pioneered. However, like Escape from Tarkov, The Gray Zone Warfare has issues.

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Currently, error code 0x0020004 Anti-Cheat Failed to Start has been plaguing The Gray Zone Warfare. The good news is that there seem to be solutions since the problem is huge right now. Let’s go over them so you can become the apex predator. 

The Gray Zone Warfare: How to fix Anti-Cheat Failed to Start

If you’re coming over from Escape for Tarkov because of its insane new pay-to-win model, you may have to go through this hoop first. The error code 0x000200004 Anti-Cheat Failed to Start in The Gray Zone Warfare has been leaving many players with a bad taste — but can be easy to fix.

Thankfully, you be able to fix the problem on your own if you use the methods below. 

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Ways to get around Anti Cheat Failed to Start error

Verify the game’s files: Before doing anything drastic like uninstalling the game, this method should be the first thing you do. Simply head into your library, right-click the game, and then Installed Files. After, look for Verify this game’s files are installed correctly and press the button on the right of it. Since The Gray Zone Warfare is a large game, there may be some time to wait till the check is complete. Once it’s done, head back into the game and try to matchmake again. 

Run the Anti Cheat executable: This method I have not tried as the solution above fixed my problem. But on the off chance it doesn’t, you can opt for this step instead. First, locate the game’s folder on your computer. It should be in the following spot: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam/steamapps/common/Gray Zone Warfare. Once you’ve found this file, locate the folder labeled “EasyAntiCheat”. Open it, and run the EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe. Wait for it to start running and then launch The Gray Zone Warfare again. 

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Make the program bypass your Firewall: Giving clear instructions on this method is a little more complicated. Everyone has different anti-virus software, and each has different ways of working with programs on your PC. So before going on, find out how your anti-virus programs deal with exceptions. When you troubleshoot that, make the following programs exempt from the Firewall: EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup and GZWClientEAC.

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