How to fix Destiny 2 Clan Disappeared bug

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With every season of Destiny 2, Bungie drops a whole bunch of new content and expands on what it’s building. But, this also means not every season will have a smooth launch, and season 21, Season of the Deep is no different. While it has new additions like weapons, dungeons, and other things, there are still some issues. Not every bug drastically impacts gameplay, however, the following seems to be affecting players, specifically the clans they are in. One of the latest bugs is causing player’s clans to disappear, by outright kicking them out. If you want to know how to fix the Destiny 2 clan disappeared bug, read this guide.

Destiny 2: How to fix the clan disappeared bug

The clan disappearing bug seems to be a somewhat new bug, and at the time of writing this, Bungie has stated it’s due to a “backend issue”. Let’s attempt to fix this issue, so you can get some pretty nice gear in the game.

So far, players have been reporting that they’re removed from their clans for no reason. It also looks like it’s happening to anyone regardless if they’re the founders or not.

When logging into the game or by checking the app, they’re finding out that they’re no longer in a clan anymore. And for the ones who have created a clan, the bug is apparently deleting the clan and not allowing them to create a new one.

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How to get rid of the bug

Following a large number of player reports, Bungie has already started investigating the issue. And it seems to be resolved already according to the developer’s Twitter.  Bungie hasn’t really given any reason as to why this bug appeared, we can only speculate why clans were disappearing.

Hopefully, now you can rest easy knowing that your clan and everything associated with it is back to normal.

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