How To Fix Grasslands Protorelic 2 Quest Bug In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
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How to fix Grasslands Protorelic 2 quest bug in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Frozen thugs and bugged-out audio.

Many players online have been complaining about an annoying bug from the Grasslands Protorelic 2 quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, so how can you fix it? If you’re running into this issue yourself, you may find this guide useful for possible solutions.

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FF7 Rebirth: How to fix Grasslands 2nd Protorelic quest bug

Once you unlock Phenomenon Intel 2: One Badass Barbeque in the Grasslands Region, you may quickly realize that the quest is bugged. Players have described this glitch as seeing all the thugs frozen in place, no voice dialogues triggered, and being unable to open the map or pause the game in the area. Here are some possible solutions to how you can fix the Grasslands Protorelic 2 quest bug in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How To Fix Grasslands Protorelic 2 Quest Bug In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Phenomenon
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Load your previous save

Perhaps exiting and loading up your last save will do the trick. The game autosaves often, so you should try your last autosave. But if that still doesn’t fix the issue, you may have to go back to an older save file and see if that works.

Nobody likes losing progress, but it could be a good indication of when your quest decided to bug out, or if it helps the issue at all.

Wait for changes

On GameFAQs, one player suggested waiting until the game figures itself out. They had to wait two minutes before they were able to fix this glitch, but I’m guessing this only allowed them to leave the area since some players were unable to check their map and teleport away.

Players also noted that the thugs just keep talking no matter how many times they fast-travel away or where they are. Someone suggested holding the Triangle button to retry the mission, since you may not have realized the prompt was available.

Uninstall and reinstall FF7 Rebirth

This feels more like a last-resort solution since FF7 Rebirth is such a huge game and can take hours to download. But if you have time to spare, perhaps attempt uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

This glitch seems to affect players’ save files even after they seemingly “fix” their issue and get free from the Protorelic 2 location. So perhaps this has more to do with the save files than the game itself, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

Wait for a patch

Unfortunately, it seems like the most viable solution here is to wait for Square Enix to patch the issue. You don’t want your game to be bugged for the rest of your save file, so just avoid Phenomenon Intel 2: One Badass Barbeque until Square Enix announces a patch.

Since this is just a side objective and has nothing to do with the main story, you should be fine to go back to an old save file from before you interacted with this Protorelic and continue on your FF7 Rebirth journey. Keep an eye out for when your game updates, which will be your cue to try out this Phenomenon Intel again.

Instead of focusing on this glitched-out World Intel spot, in the meantime, you should check out all the Moogle Intel locations in FF7 Rebirth.

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